on March 8, 2020

13 Must-See Cool and Weird Beds

This post begins with an essential question: How much time do we waste sleeping? Well, we spend a third of our lives doing it, and even though Thomas Edison claimed it was waste of time, we have to sleep because it is essential to maintaining normal levels of cognitive skills. That’s why we prepared a mix of all kind beds to give you the opportunity to chose how would you like to spend that precious third of your live.

So, check out these beds and let us know what’s your favorite and what do you think about all of them!

1. Magnetic Floating Bed

This amazing Magnetic Floating Bed designed by Janjaap Ruijssenaars, represents one of the best inventions by the Times Magazine. What’s so unique about this bed is that it can float 16 inches above the floor with no support below.

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2. Nicodemus Casket Bed Plan

Sleep peacefully in this Gothic inspired Casket bed, and you can use it as a coffin when the time arises. This bed is quite comfy and perfect for people who want to know the feeling of a sleep in a coffin.

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3. BedUP Saves a Huge Amount of Space

This innovative BedUP has been designed to help you save a huge amount of space in your room, and is perfect for small space apartments. The BedUP slides up when you’re not using it and can even have lighting integrated into its underside.

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4. The Bookcase Bed

Now, this is really a multifunctional piece, a bookcase that trasforms into a bed. This is the perfect piece of furniture if you want to maximize space and give your walls a little extra pop of color.

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5. The Scoop! Bed

Another multifunctional and a great piece of furniture has to be this sophisticated and innovative bed that can easily transform into an elegant sofa. I have to say that from all the selected beds this one is my favorite.

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6. Bunk Sofa Bed

Are you looking for a sofa that is multifunctional and has a great look? Well, the bunk sofa may be the perfect choice because it offers both a comfortable sofa and a bunk bed. So now you can call over some friends for a sleep over.

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7. Specific Sleeping Position Bed

This unique and very unusual bed has been specially designed for just a specific sleeping position, the fetal position. So, if you want to prank a guest or you just have an unhealthy desire to economise space, there you have the Foetus Space Economising Bed.

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8. Kuchofuku Air Conditioned Bed

Waiting for the summer, but you’re terrified about those hot sunny days when you can’t even breathe? Well, Kuchofuku has prepared something for when you come home and want to chill, an innovative bed that will help you sleep peacefully.

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9. Hamburger Bed

Getting hungry? Well, even though this cool bed is not for eating, we have to admit it looks really tasty. The bed features all the trimmings including pickle and tomato pillows, lettuce sheets, a cheese slice quilt and the last but not the least trimming, you.

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10. Thomas the Tank Engine Train Bed

Every child dreams about Thomas The Tank Engine, but what if he could sleep in its favorite cartoon character? This cool bed features tracks moulded into the edge of the bed to give kids somewhere to play with their toy trains, and is constructed from durable plastic moulding.

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11. Football Goal Bed

If you’re looking for the ideal bed for your son, this may be the perfect choice if all he dreams about is football. The bed can be painted in any colour although the goal posts have to remain white, and because i’m sure every boy has a favorite team, the bed works with any team color bedding.

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12. Pirate Ship Bed

Every little boy at some point will dream about being on a pirate ship or maybe even leading the “Jolly Rodger”, and you as the parent can now make his dream come true. Just imagine your child’s face light up when he sees his very own pirate ship in his bedroom!

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13. Luxurious Float Bed

Presenting you the official ‘Best piece of bedroom furniture’, also known as the Float Bed. This gorgeous furniture piece reflect the luxurious in its purest shape, being very comfortable and offering some spectacular views.

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