on March 18, 2020

Awesome Pirate Ship Bedroom by Steve Kuhl

This is one of the most creative bedrooms i’ve seen! This cool pirate bedroom was designed by Steve Kuhl and is just like a dream for a pirate enthusiasts.

The bedroom creates a wonderful fairy tale look, thanks to its creative interior design with walls painted in the same color as the sea and amazing attention to details, with spotlights attached to the ceiling that looks just like stars. I’m sure this will for sure spark not only your child imagination, but also yours!

The structure of this bedroom really creates an adventure. At the superior floor you can find a hole in the wall that will take you sliding down a slide to a pillow located in the bedroom. Also, a wooden rope bridge is used to access the ship, where the crow’s nest reigns and another way to access the ship is through a door that hides the magic kingdom of the sea.














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