Splendid Penthouse Apartment by Lecarolimited

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This gorgeous apartment has been designed by Lecarolimited architects and is located in Berlin. The architects are using mirrored walls, a very used technique if you’re looking to create the sense of an expanded space into your apartment.

The thing about these mirrors used all around the apartment is that have different shapes and sizes, giving birth to a new dimension, with geometric patterns all across the partitioning walls of the penthouse apartment, surrounding the kitchen, fireplace and seating areas. In the centre there’s a big six metre asymmetrical table made from four small tables, all of them joined together and providing flexibility which allows the room to be used for dining or entertaining. The concept was to implement into the interior design both a tradition of Loos-ian sensuality, as well as Mirror’s history of associations with myth and magic.

The apartment has a main living and bedrooms, both of them featuring the new “mirror” super-surface, and the guest quarters collaborate in theme with the reverse or underside space. The darkened corridor creates a link between the mirror theme and a separate one with colourful spaces for both the kids and the guests, two different themes in one single apartment.

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