Charming Millbrae House in North-Western London

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This gorgeous residence is one of those houses perfect for a family with a few kids, offering comfort and enough space to make your feel everyday like you’re in vacation. The Millbrae is an impressive two-story residence located in north-western London.

The interior design is very modern, quite luxurious in some places from the house, displaying a variety of solutions with a different approach for each room from the house. The architecture is quite simple, based on a geometric idea, and the clading represents a combination of white walls and wood insertions, a great combination that is getting more and more appreciated and adopted by the architects. There’s a big outdoor pool outside, perfect for a family who wants to enjoy some quality time in those hot summer days.

Now, speaking about the diversity of the interior design, we can’t say that is based on a specific idea, it’s meant to surprise you, defining a different concept in every room. I personally adore the living room, that great contrast between the white table and chairs from one side and the dark furniture on the other. That contrast is also found in the master bedroom and bathroom, following the same idea, and providing some great views due to the use of great floor to wall windows.

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