Delightful Laurel Residence by StudioMET Architects

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This amazing Laurel Residence has been designed by StudioMET Architects and is located on a beautiful site in Houston, Texas. An important factor regarding this house is the sustainability, which is considered the focal point of this project.

We have to agree that from outside it looks just amazing, and the same thing we can also say about the interior design which is clean and beautiful, adopting a modern approach. All the elements from this house were carefully chosen, trying to create a dream modern residence with floor plans that are focused on offering to owners both freedom and style. The most spacious room is the double-height living room, where the designers have used a great, yet simple combination of colors, blending the white furniture with the wood shelves, and the details are highlighted by the natural light that invade the space. I also really love the wood insertion from the kitchen, and those chairs looks amazing.

The relationship between the interior and the exterior of this house it’s a very important factor, that’s why almost the entire residence is clad with large mirror windows, not only to allow the natural light into the interior but to create a connection with the nature outside. The exterior was designed so that it could provide a great space area for recreation, including the great kitchen, living room and dining room.

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