Modern Penthouse by Ando-Studio Architects

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This charming penthouse has been designed by Israeli Architect – Ando-Studio architects and is located on a great landscape in Tel Aviv, just in the middle of the nature with some beautiful ocean views. The architects have revealed a great connection between the contemporary architecture and its great landscape.

The entire interior design of this house is based on a simple color palette, which is composed of three colors such as brown, white and beige, all of them combined creates a powerful and modern design, pleasing to the eyes. In order to provide some magnificent views and to create an exterior relationship, there were used floor to ceiling windows and glass paneled doors. The Tel Aviv penthouse tries to create a small paradise where you can relax and enjoy the luxury and comfort of an amazing retreat.

All the rooms exudes elegance, using a modern combination of black and white furniture, with some great rugs and amazing interior design elements. The house provides a great terrace with a beautiful scenery and features outdoor furniture in the same color as the ocean, a great place where you can escape from the stress of the city and relax and feel the breeze of the ocean.

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