Intriguing Porsche Museum in Stuttgart

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For all of you cars enthusiast, a museum with various Porsche cars was open. The Porsche Museum in Stuttgart was designed by Delugan Meissl Associated Architects, a company with headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

The architecture is quite futuristic and bold as well, with some dynamic and intriguing shapes, a very modern approach for a museum, this time specially for a great and well known brand, the Porsche. The architects’ idea was to create a strong visual effect that could reflect and inspire speed and power, two important and defining characteristics of the Porsche. The finishing materials chosen to create waves inspire the speed, it’s all about mirrored glass and lights, withe various geometric shapes and angles, all of them combined to create an unique museum for an unique car brand, the Porsche.

The concept was to create a dynamically formed organism, experiencing a new approach for the use of gravity and space having in mind the a new basis in the foundations of architecture. The interior design uses a minimalist combination of black and white, a great choice to emphasize the beauty of these amazing cars, positioned in a gentle manner and highlighted by the hundred of spotlights above.

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