on October 21, 2020

Two Level Dyvel Table By Silva Bradshaw

This great table has been designed by Silva Bradshaw and is a pretty simple table with two parallel glass surfaces which are held in tension by four wooden legs.

Why is it functional you might wonder?Well, the lower slab of glass it’s a great place where you can place important documents or accessories that you need the most, and can also be used as a creative space where you can place different colorful object in order to create something unique on your taste. Also, there’s a great place where you can showcase your favorite objects and pictures.

Its sustainable four legs are made of white oak components and internal hardware, and seem to pierce the lower plane, creating the illusion of a floating tabletop. It’s a great choice for every interior design because it can adapt very easy to any environment, no matter if we’re talking about a contemporary or traditional interior. This combination of glass and wood it’s one of the simplest we can think about and its dual functionality is also a plus.

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