Intelligent Power Strip

Herald J. Urena-Umana is the creator of the Power Strip Cornered. Due to its skeletal triangular shape it can be easily used in all the corners of your room. This intelligent redesign of the traditional power bar ensures a safe location that won’t allow the owners to trip over a stray cord. The design includes a big number of plugs that will eliminate any clutter. We all have moments when the power strip has not enough plugs for all the members of the family and their needs and for all the appliances from the house, here the Power Strip Cornered impressed with a nice design.

What is also very important about its design is that the power cord can be maneuvered to face the course of the outlet. People always want to see, to buy the products with the latest, original designs. If the design is pretty and if it is more useful than the previous it’s already a success. This new model of power bar has the outlet sockets facing in different directions to larger plugs. We all know how important is to keep all our gadgets powered, our home safe and free of mess and this intelligent power strip is offering a good solution.

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