on October 31, 2020

Old Plane Engine used as a Coffee Table Base

Cylinder Radial Engine Table is a coffee table with an odd, yet cool design. Its base is a genuine plane engine from a US Army Boeing-Stearman PT-13 aquired from the Canadian Museum of Flight, Langley, British Columbia. Even if the old engine creates a mechanical, vintage aspect, its total look is contemporary. The contrast between the rough material and aspect of the engine and the fragile glass creates an impressive look. Just putting together, in the same sentence the words old plane engine and coffee table already sounds weird, even if seeing them like this gives a good impression. If you have a passion for planes this table can become your favorite furniture piece in the house. It also goes well as a present for some who has this passion or he/she just loves modern objects.

For a contemporary room this table is that special accessory that brings new values. The design is simple the engine and a piece of glass, but in its simplicity was found the complexity of the precious engine. If you are serving coffee with your friends and you want to impress them this table is the solution. Elegant, styled and of course modern. The table is available on Decoratum Gallery and it costs £19.750.

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