Union Square Loft by Silver+Ong

Silverong transformed a house that was renovated in 1978 into the Union Square Loft. The house had impractial room arrangements, quirky spaces so the architects had a lot to work.  The focal point was the redesign of the stylish stairs which connects the mezzanine, the first floor and cellar level.

The architects wanted to create functional volumes, each corner had to be revealed. All the spatial, material, functional and economical problems were resolved with this modern renovation.  The stairs have not only a functional form but also a functional volume, the owners and the visitors are invited to pass from a floor to another easily, pleasant.

In what it concerns the floor plans they fit perfectly with the modern arhitecture. The living room and cellar are lighted by the light behind the screen. So the stairs have also the role of a flashlight depending of the moment of the day. The stairs are made by a material that reflects the surrounding structures. The communication inside-outside is made by materials like resin panels, stained oak, leather used in the interior which bring nature inside.

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