on January 22, 2020

The Kasaa shelf and the Kenno chairs

The Kasaa shelf and the Kenno chairs are created by Teemu Jarvi and were exposed at the Showroom in Finland. The designer used recycled cardboard that can also be re-recycled. Kenno series includes three products: two chairs and a stool. The material is lightweight, in order to construct the furniture pieces was used water-based adhesives. Almost the entire cutting part is made by computer, just a little part requires manual attention.

For the Kenno chairs are necessary only four pieces of cardboard. You will obtain a chair with a warm and light appearance with no glue or screws involved. Its design is unique, it impresses through its playful look, it is also durable and versatile.

One of the Kenno chair is made for children, small enough to be even a table for drawing or painting. The “S” chair can be personalized for all your child ideas. The “L” chair is the version on the “S” chair for adults. The units that came in this set can be combined in various forms so you can get a modular shelving system very easy. This simple furniture pieces can change your room in a pleasant way with their pretty design and friendly look.

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