on January 30, 2020

Sean’s scene bedroom desk

Sean Petersohn presents his serene bedroom from Florida. When you want to use your home to work also there are some important conditions that you have to consider. Sean is quite pleased of his desk recently build which has hairpin leg. His work requires lot of space and light. He can work at his projects in good conditions at his own desk that is located in his house. The sliding glass window comes from the ceiling to the floor bringing light inside, the white walls are also important in order to make the room bigger and lighted.

Sean keeps his paperwork, electronics, tools organized in cabinets in this way the room is clean and he can find it tools quickly. The furniture and the decorative resources including lighting, cabinets, tables come from IKEA stores. Even if his apartment was designed for him to work in proper conditions, the owner would like to upgrade it if he could. First he would replace the carpeting with hardwood flooring, on the second place are the table and floor lamps. Sean would like to have something of higher quality for example Noguchi products.

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