Impressive Lovergrove Chandelier

Every house needs natural light in order to create a familiar and warm atmosphere, it is healthy and more pleasant that artificial light. Many rooms don’t have this benefit due to the strange layouts or close neighbors. Because spaces are tight and we can’t modify this, the day lighting company, VELUX tried to resolve this problem. Their new product powered by the sun can be installed everywhere you wish. Lovegrove Chandelier requires a sun tunnel so it can be installed in a place were there is a room above in order to make the connection with the tunnel from the roof.

The natural light comes from outside through the tunnel and it is reflected down to the light fixture. Then the light is softly distributed throughout the room. Without using electricity the chandelier can generate light like a 60 W bulb. You can adjust the intensity and the angle depending on your wishes or on the moment of the day. A tunnel like this is very useful, it has a pleasant aspect and it will help you save some electricity and money of course.  Lovegrove Chandelier is designed by Ross Lovegrove, an award-winning industrial designer.

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