45 Wonderful Kitchen Design Ideas

For today I’ve prepared another roundup of fabulous design ideas and I chose one of the most important rooms from the entire house, a place that’s both functional and in the same time so entertaining, the kitchen. It’s not only that place where the food is prepared, but it is where most of the family gatherings activities take place, being considered a source of family time comfort.

No matter if it has a traditional or modern aesthetic, the design is a very important factor in a kitchen and must incorporate a great look, feel and function. That’s why we’ve gathered some of the best 45 kitchen designs so you chose your favourite and get inspired!

A traditional kitchen defined by a grey solid table, with a timeless design and covered with white marble on top. The color palette used for the walls and cabinetry is classic, based on brown and cream nuances, offering an immortal vintage look.

When mixing vintage with traditional usually the result is very original. In this case the elements used seems to be from two different era, on one side there’s a modern kitchen table along with some elegant chairs, but on the other side I’m sure you’ve already noticed the vintage pendant lights and the traditional white cabinetry.

Here’s one of my favourite designs, it combines traditional with modern elements, the custom cherry cabinets works perfectly with those stainless steel fixtures, while the wood table is  highlighted by the sleek and modern white chairs and that very original pendant.

A traditional design, based on the simple black and white combination, but in this case we have a lot of white, while the stainless steel fixtures reflect the natural light from outside creating the atmosphere of a bright and airy space.

What I like the most about this kitchen is its pendants. Yes, because honestly the pendants represent a very important element in the design of a kitchen. The design uses a modern combination of dark wood for table and chairs and white cabinetry, with the fine and original touch of the pendants.

This seems to be a round kitchen and because of that the designers have used as a focal point also a asymmetrical round table, covered on top with a lacquered glossy black, while the for the cabinetry it was used light wood to create the feeling of a bright and airy space.

Gorgeous! The first word that came into my mind when I saw this design. The beautiful combination of dark wood cabinetry and the white of the walls, table and chair, a modern contrast used more and more our days because of its subtle elegance. The chandelier above the dinner table is also an important element that provide an elegant touch.

The next design uses a rich organic color, it’s all about light wood all the way, used in order to achieve a warm and modern look. The traditional chandeliers and the candles from the table confer a romantic look, but one think that I really don’t like is that they have also used spotlight on the ceiling.

We have to agree that in every kitchen, the table is the one that defines a kitchen. In this case, we have a big, solid table made from light wood, lightened by two black and glossy pendants.

A lovely kitchen with a design that displays a beautiful palette color based on cream and brown nuances. The floor plan is made of light wood and it uses a bit of metal and glass to achieve a warm and modern look. It opens to the exterior, and takes advantage of the natural light.

Here’s something very modern and sleek. An open kitchen, with a great connection with the exterior that displays a minimalist design. White glossy cabinetry highlighted by the use of black walls on one side and the natural light from outside, a glass table and metal chairs.

And there’s a fancy kitchen! The interior design is all about white cabinetry, that uses glass and light spots to reveal what’s inside. It uses a light open plan, and we can say the same think about the walls, the chandelier is very elegant and provide a chic look.

Black and white! It’s the most desired and used combination our days, because it provide a minimalist design, but also a cold and stark look. The huge table covered on top with white marble is the one that defines the entire kitchen, a strong element.

A traditional design combined with a few modern elements, the interior design is predominated by white and features simple wood chairs and the use of solid wood on the ceiling creates a traditional environment.

Here’s something indeed modern! Glossy white all the way, with a beautiful floor plan made of brown wood and some simple and chic pendants that hang from the ceiling right above the table.

This one looks like a romantic kitchen! It uses a simple color palette based on cream nuances that covers the entire interior design and gold pendants. Every element, the chairs, the cabinetry and floor plan, seems to be in a perfect harmony with each other.

Here’s a beautiful and fancy kitchen. It features a modern cabinetry lighted by the spotlights from the ceiling, which provide a diffuse and warm light. The eating table is really something special, because is sort of separated for the rest of the kitchen and the two lamps create a romantic aesthetic.

Stainless steel fixtures and white cabinetry, a very used combination in modern designs. What pops out from the picture is the dark wood kitchen table that is covered with white marble on top, and the color is accentuated by the use of lime chairs.

An elegant and chic kitchen, where the white predominates and defines the entire space. Every element is highlighted by the natural light that pass through the window, and all of these elements work together to create a bright and airy space.

A bright and modern kitchen, with a pure white cabinetry and white chairs. To confer an original look the windows of the cabinetry have dark wood frames, the same nuance as the kitchen table. The pendants are very simple, made from glass providing an elegant touch.

This one has a traditional cabinetry and kitchen table, that displays warm nuances of wood
and it features vintage handles. The chandeliers are very chic, covered in black and uses lighting similar with candles that provide an elegant and diffuse light.

A combination of modern and traditional elements. The cabinetry uses a mat white, while the kitchen table is made from a light wood that provide a vintage aesthetic, creating a contrast with the modern leather chairs. The pendants are made of glass and features a very interesting shape.

This one has a really cold look, not only because of its black and white combination, but the chairs are covered in a grey nuance similar with finnish metal. The walls are all covered in white, based on a model similar with the brick, and the wooden frames are the only elements that provide a touch of warmth.

A bright kitchen with a modern design, a combination of clean white and dark floor plan, a cold look that is broken by a few modern elements that brings a touch of color, such as the yellow chairs.

A kitchen that inspires warmth everywhere you look! The cabinetry and the floor plan uses the same wood nuance, while that gorgeous pendant provide a beautiful light that reflect in the stainless steel fixtures.

Here’s an interesting kitchen that takes advantage of both the modern and traditional design. It uses a simple palette of cream and beige colors, with a floor plan made of brown wood, all of these exuding warmth. The wooden beams from the ceiling belongs to the traditional inspiration.

Light, so much light! Small and in the same time so functional, it’s based on a mix of white and light wood. I really like the chairs, works perfectly with the idea of simple and chic.

A bold design applied to a spacious kitchen. The blue finish of the cabinetry is one of the most important elements that defines this gorgeous kitchen. Beside that, the chandelier and wooden beams exude an elegant and modern aesthetic.

Oh, this is one of my favourites. The cabinetry uses wood and cream nuances, and the fixtures are made of stainless steel. The floor plan features a dark grey, similar with the top of the table. I don’t know what’s with those pendants but i really like them.

This one looks really interesting! Warm colors invade the interior design, wood cabinetry that incorporates spotlights, which provides a diffuse light. Another source of light comes from a simple dark chandelier, very romantic.

A fancy kitchen that uses a bold design, with original and cutting-edge elements. The kitchen table and chairs are all about wood, which is one of the most important elements used in a kitchen, no matter if has a modern or traditional design.

Another favourite on my list. Love the dark color chose for the cabinetry, it works incredibly well with the stainless steel, and the floor plan is just gorgeous. What I really don’t like is the table, which is just to small.

Traditional all the way, here it is, in all its perfection. So many details that invade this kitchen, a traditional white cabinetry with small black handles, several vases with plants on top of the shelves and a support for the bronze  located just above the kitchen table.

A minimalist kitchen with the ultimate fixtures. It uses wood and glossy grey for the cabinets with a bit of metal and glass to achieve a warm and modern look. The glossy material has a mirroring effect, reflecting the entire space.

This one goes right on top, for sure! It’s extraordinary how the architects used sliding doors instead of walls, not only to maximize those beautiful views but also to allow the natural light highlight the interior, and that modern cabinetry clad in wood with stainless steel on top.

Simplicity is sometimes the best way to highlight a great kitchen. This one uses a very simple color palette, a light wood nuance for the cabinetry, table and also the chairs. Instead of a solid wall, there was used a glass wall to create a subtle connection with the exterior, but also for the natural light.

Another modern kitchen, but a not so usual color combination. It takes several features from the modernist design, the structure of the cabinetry and the cascade white table.

Really really modernist and very fancy! A futuristic kitchen with unusual shapes, a curved leg that supports the table instead of the usual 2 legs. Everything is lightened up, contrasting the black walls and floor.

This is one of those kitchen that we see kind of often when we visit friends or family. Maybe because is simple, traditional and gives a warm, cozy feeling. The wood is the main and the most important element being used almost everywhere.

A modern kitchen, but I’m sure it’s not the boy’s favourite. A very interesting combination of light wood cabinetry on pink walls. Tall chairs, very simple and modern, and of course a contrast between glossy black and light pink.

Another one that goes in top 3, and it’s personally my favourite! I like everything from how the cabinetry follows the floor plan in the same color, and that simple glass table supported by three dark wood beams with slim white chairs arround.

Blue, all I see it’s blue! A modern kitchen that uses a glass wall to offer expanded views over the landscape to let the natural light invade the interior, and by night uses a blue light at the floor level. The table is made of marble and the chairs design is very sleek and as simple as possible.

A kitchen that tries to bring together two contrast, the cold metal and the warmth of the wood. The interesting thing is that the sink it’s actually similar with a small table, and the ceiling features large wood beams, that confer a traditional aesthetic.

A unique design with white walls similar with the brick like structures. The pendant light it’s very original, while the table and chairs exudes a vintage look. One of my favourite elements it’s those asymmetrical wood shelves.

A modern kitchen, in which you can feel the warmth of the design. Very welcoming! A classic palette of brown and cream keep the look of a vintage kitchen, quite luxurious at the same time. The color of the floor plan seems like the perfect choice for this design.

Hope you enjoyed these kitchen designs and if you’re thinking about using some of these ideas for your own kitchen please let us known which one is your favourite!

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