Wonderful Beach House in California

A gorgeous residence, the Stinson Beach House has been designed by Berkeley-based studio WA Design and is located in Stinson beach, California, USA, on a 1400 square feet site.

The basic idea of this project was to create a sustainable house with a smooth connection between the residence and the sea, so the site on which is located is connected to the ocean to the west and neighbored by another home to the east. Being one of those modern sustainable houses,  the Stinson beach house includes open-cell foam insulation that provide natural ventilation, concrete floors, large windows that provide natural light and recycled materials, all of these elements brought together in an eco-friendly structure.

The interior design is friendly and colorful, in the living room we can find a big blue couch and a beautiful fireplace covered in grey stone. The kitchen is very open and lighted, it features a big wood table made from two pieces of light wood. The bedrooms were downscaled to fit a bed and a little few small things, while the bathroom is all about blue tiles, a big mirror that creates the illusion of a bigger space, and seashells to give the feeling of the sea in your bathroom.

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