on March 6, 2020

31 Colorful and Playful Design Ideas for Kids’ Bedroom

This article is meant to offer you a glimpse of childhood, are for some of you to provide you with some ideas about the redecoration of your child’s room. That’s why we’ve prepared a collection of 31 Kids Bedroom Ideas that includes different colors and arrangements, from which you can find the one you and your child would like.

The first one is more like a boy’s room with a lot of blue, used not only for the walls but also in combination with light wood for the furniture, very bright, which is an important factor in how a child room should look like.

This one is very similar with the first, but it’s more girly, because of the mix of red and pink colors, very bright and vibrant. I really like how the floor plan works with the red combination, and how the light drops on every piece of furniture.

A design perfect for small rooms, incredibly functional and very nice at the same time. As the first one, uses a mix of blue with light wood for the furniture, the bed being positioned on top of the desk, and makes use of the little space between the bed and the window, using several shelves for storing books.

Sponge Bob! There are thousand of kids that loves Sponge Bob, and if yours is among those, this would be a really great idea for redecorating his room. The most important thing about this design is the decor of the walls, so colorful and full of life, perfect to feed a child’s imagination.

If your kid is crazy about pirates, treasure and dreams everyday about a ship, well this one got the full packs, sharks included! A really great interior design for a little pirate, with a careful attention to details and an inspiring color for the walls to evoke the blue sea.

Here’s another one for the boys, this time for the football little players. The floor plan is all green, just like in a stadium, and the bed is located on top of the gate, and covered by a football inspired ceiling.

Hello there Batman! This is really cool, because there are a lot of kids that dream to be just like their heroes, and in this case we’re talking about Batman. The room incorporates a cool batmobile bed, and a black closet with the legendary black and yellow logo.

Here is a doll house in natural size, with a lot of pink and blue, a pink bed perfect for a young girl ,and the great thing about this colorful “house” is that you can climb on the wall to get to the upper level where the “master” bed is placed. I like the use of a round window instead of the usual square shape.

A bed for princesses! The color palette is very pale, and uses green and pink nuances for the bed, walls, curtains and small flower shaped carpet. The big wall leads to the great “castle” colored in pink, placed on clouds with a heart-shaped entrance.

A pink bedroom, specially designed for a little princess, as the headboard claims. The furniture used is made from a chocolate wood, displaying different symbols and a vintage aesthetic. I think the furniture works very well with the pink walls, a really great choice for a little girl!

If you want to bring the feeling of a little Paris inside of your daughter’s room, here’s a great idea! A simple bed covered in pink, including the pillows, and a cute little black table with two chairs right in the middle. The Paris idea is displayed all over the wall, the Tour Eifel and a little cafe.

A sport inspired bedroom, where even the blue curtains have several types of balls imprinted on top. The walls are covered in blue and on them there are a few painting with baseball and football. It’s all about the sport, everything from the bed, pillows and carpet have the shape of different balls.

This one is absolutely cute! Uses light nuances of cream and peach color, so playful and vibrant. The bedroom is actually a cute white carriage with white and pink transparent curtains that falls from the ceiling. One wall is covered in pale color patterns each of them representing a letter from the alphabet, and the other seems detached from a fairytale.

Pink, pink, pink everywhere! The dream of a young ballerina, the walls are all pink and display the passion for ballet through a painted ballerina, the bedding is made from silk and a semi-transparent pink curtain falls from the ceiling covering the bed.

Here comes the sailor, all dressed up and ready to travel! A great bed with white canvas and a cute little yellow flag on top. The bed features a closed at the bottom, painted in blue with a wave shape. A really cute an interesting bed for a young sailor!

A very organized bedroom, perfect for two young boys. It features a bunk bed made of a light wood color, a colorful carpet and the walls are painted in various nuances of blue and green. The interior is very airy and invaded by natural light, that passes through a cute curtain with blue fish.

A bright and airy interior design, dominated by a green pale nuance. I really like the use of large windows, that provide the perfect amount of natural light necessary for the child’s study at the table. A very functional design, perfect for small rooms, with enough drawers, some of them right under the bed.

A modern bedroom for kids with a vibrant color palette composed of green and yellow nuances. A very interesting design, functional, the stairs are also used as drawers and they lead to an upper level where the second bed is positioned.

A spacious bedroom for young ladies, that uses a beautiful mix of warm colors such as orange and peach, with a bunk bed in order to give the feeling of a bigger space.

Oh, I really love this one! A playful design with so many vibrant colors, the walls are all occupied with shelves to create a better and more functional space, and the position of the two beds is quite cool. What I don’t like is that the table seems just to small, there’s space only for the keyboard and the monitor.

Here’s something really pretty! A bold mix of dark wood and vibrant colors. To create the illusion of a bigger space the floor plan has a mirroring effect, very chic.

This is really a dream came true for the boys, because I’m sure every kid dreams about a basketball hoop in their own room. The bedroom is very well-organized and takes advantage of the entire space, there are shelves everywhere, even the stairs have a dual function.

This one is for the girls and what I find very interesting about this bedroom is the bed’s structure because it can slide from the under to reveal a second bed, perfect for those days when a friend wants to sleep overnight. Very well-organized due to the use of plenty shelves.

Definitely my favourite! I like everything from the position of the window and how the light penetrates the entire room, to the furniture and floor plan. It looks so bright, airy and peaceful, an amazing place where the kid can study in silence and relax admiring the views through that great window.

Another favourite on my list, with a very interesting design accommodated on two levels, each level for a kid. A really great idea applied on a functional design, the designers took advantage of every space of the room, and we can notice a large shelve right under the ceiling and all kind of closets.

This one seems like the representation of a beautifully organized bedroom. An entire wall covered with various shelves from small to large, a huge wardrobe, and another aluminium support for shelves, in other words, there’s enough space for everything, everywhere.

A bark bed structure, quite clever design, but I still can’t imagine how to climb in the bed above. The colors used are very modern, represented by various purple nuances, and takes a lot of use of the space through the use of various shelves.

Colors, colors, bright colors everywhere! Cute shelves placed on the walls, some of them look so similar with the paintings, a bark bed, and a small table in the middle of the house with two tiny and colorful chairs, in other words a perfect environment for kids.

This is absolutely stunning! Bright, modern and so, so colorful. One of my favourite pieces is that wooden closet where the toys are trying to hide away from the kids, and those really small and cute orange sofas, placed right in the middle of the room.

Delicate! That was the first thing that came into my mind when I saw this bedroom. A soft and smooth combination of cream nuances, with white furniture and vintage inspired elements. A really amazing bedroom for young ladies.

If your kid dreams about Neverland or maybe TinkerBell, this bedroom is really exceptional. It has a really creative interior design, perfect to feed the imagination of a young boy that dreams to be a pirate. The details were carefully chosen, the walls resembles the sea and the bed is actually a beautiful wooden boat.

Well, I hope you enjoyed watching these delightful 30 inspirational designs for the kid’s bedroom, and maybe you’ll thing about using some of these ideas to create a functional and modern bedroom for your child!

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