on March 11, 2020

Flat-Pack IKEA House

We all know IKEA’s furniture is amazing, we order it online, we admire it in their shops but what about IKEA’s Flat-Pack House. For $86,000 they’ve build and shipped a whole house. The architecture was realized with both IdeaBox and IKEA, each had brilliant ideas how to construct this house. It is obvious that IKEA’s main role was to provide likewise-economical furniture and furnishings. Straight lines and little details are the perfect words to characterize the design obtained. It has a look a little dramatic, styled and clean. Multiple designs inspired by nature created a warm feeling and made this house more welcoming.

The concept of the house is simple and absolutely lovely. The color combination is incredible, not too bold but not too serious. And it is not only about the pleasant aspect, the space organization and the chosen furniture is practical, of high quality and modern. For example in the kitchen the cabinets were chosen from a variety of kitchen cabinets and the client can also pick the favorite color, there were added an induction cooktop, convection oven, a counter depth refrigerator. Due to its huge variety of furniture IKEA can satisfy all its clients.

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