The beauty of nature celebrated by Biomimicking Lamps

Design team Nervous System created the series of lamps Hyphae. The collection of organic table lamps was obvious inspired by nature, we all know that nature is a gorgeous designer and in this case the artists took advantage of this fact. The veins pattern that had been adopted on this project can be strongly connected with the natural world as the veins are the ones that carry water to nourish plants and blood to keep animals alive. The veins representing life and the light create a beautiful symbol of mother nature.

Each lamp is grown through a process based on leaf venation, not two are alike, unique means natural. When the light is on, the lamp’s veins spreads all over the room, it captures everything and melt it in the nature. Due to its circulatory systems and leaf structures it creates a nice feeling that you are in the forest and you can almost hear the crickets. At the base, the structure begins with a seed, it is growing up and it ends with many nodes and branches. The dancing shadows of the branches transform your room on the natural side with relaxing visual play of light and shadow.

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  • SherriAugust 26, 2020 at 05:35

    How can I get a lamp…they are beautiful!

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