on March 14, 2020

Mobile Headboards Split Beds into Soft Sofas & Solo Spaces

Hugo de Ruiter designed for de Sede an amazing sofa, not a typical one. It has movable leather elements which can be used in the position that satisfies you. The artist designed this piece of furniture thinking at daily needs. Spending time in the couch or in your bed should be always comfortable but sometimes you want to do different things or you just feel that you have to change your position and the pillow is not enough. This couch lets you use it in many ways from lounging together to reading apart or anything in between. It can be used both as a sofa or as a bed just by moving its elements. This combination is perfect if you don’t have too much space in your apartment, instead of two furniture pieces you have just one.

Another advantage is the small effort that you have to give to obtain the new configuration, you don’t have to twist or to contort it, just to slowly push it. This flexible modular headboard will make for afternoon pleasant. The soft sofa with mobile headboards and solo spaces is available in white and black, giving the costumer the opportunity to choose the one that fits best with his color palette from the bedroom.

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