Gorgeous Glass House by Nico van der Meulen Architects

Glasshouse is a spectacular house located in Johannesburg, South Africa designed by Nico Van Der Meulen Architects. This dream house occupies 26,000 square foot, is situated on a 4000 square meter site and has a total floor area of 2500 square meter. It is designed as an open space so the view from the backyard can be seen from all the rooms. It seems more like a fun house, the living spaces represent a big part of the project, the architects designed them into a semi-circular pattern that envelopes the garden. The outdoor living includes decks, patios, pools, fountains, it is not a small diversity for a house.

From the center of the house is arranged into a radial pattern a concrete framework that also complements the outdoor spaces. On the south side it has the shape of a half circle while on the north side it looks like a horseshoe. It is obvious that was used lot of glass in order to create the public space located on the ground level.

The dining room is raised a couple of steps above the dining room, it has windows of 6m high and frameless glass doors. The rooms have great designs, the main bedroom has a large balcony, also the children rooms have a balcony over the pool.

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