Best 8 Android Apps for Interior Designers

Many Android users have complained that it’s very hard to find good applications at the Google Play Store because there are more than 400,000 of them available for download. This matter also concerns interior designers or people who want to decorate their homes. Well, here are the best interior design applications that will definitely give you great tips regarding home improvement. They contain lots of photos, and I’m sure you will find something that you like, but also learn how to keep up with the latest design trends. Read on to find out more!

1. 3D Interior Room Design

This app provides an easy tool that creates a 3D animated room where users can change the colors of the walls, add moldings, floor, bricks, curtains, and many others. It will give a realistic image on how the final product will look like, although it doesn’t feature furniture. The developer says that the app was created in order to make you decide the wall design of a room. Other accessories that you can add on your 3D walls are fireplaces, wall tattoos, wall papers, windows, doors, and wall panels. It’s a very entertaining app that allow you to bring to life an infinite amount of interior wall designs.
It’s available for Android 2.2 and up devices for a price of $4.99.
Download 3D Interior Room Design here.

2. Interior Design Gallery

Most users are looking to download free applications so one of the best of them is called Interior Design Gallery. It’s the largest collection of interior design ideas and there are lots of decorations available for all rooms in a home including living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, kids rooms, dining rooms, small space rooms, baby rooms, and girls rooms among others. Users can pick their favorite furniture, cabinets, luxury accessories, floors, marble, colors, and wooden floor designs.
It’s available for download free, but it will display lots of “disturbing” ads. You can save photos in order to view them at a later time or share them on your favorite social networking services.
Download Interior Design Gallery here.

3. Interior Design

This application will present some minimalistic designs, but the interior ideas presented here might prove to be a little too expensive. I’m sure that most users will find a way to cut the costs down as the ideas and photos in this application are astonishing. If you love white and luxury accessories, then you will love this application.
The fact that it’s a great app is reflected by its price as it’s available for download for $2.99.
Download Interior Design here.

4. Design Dimensions

This top includes the best of the best (in no particular order), but Design Dimensions is a must-have application for professional interior designers. It includes dimensions to furniture, cabinets, and basically every accessory that users would like to add into their homes. This way, users will learn whether a bookcase, a chair, a table, a TV, or a lamp will fin it the room.
Users can search by categories including types of rooms, appliances, small appliances, electrical outlets, or construction materials. It supports metric conversion, 3D drawing, a huge database of referenced design items, and what’s more important, it’s free. Sure, you can always pay for the Pro version that will remove the ads, but other than that, there are no differences. It requires Android 2.1 Eclair or higher.
Download Design Dimensions here.

5. Interior Design Lesson Videos

This applications consists of many videos that will give users important interior design lessons. There are multiple videos on how to decorate your kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom. It’s also social-friendly as you can share your favorite videos on Facebook. It includes many tips and tricks about home improvement, and it doesn’t cost a thing. If you want, you can also get rid of the ads in a very easy way.
Download Interior Design Lesson Videos here.

6. Make Your Home

This is one of the most popular interior design applications for a reason. Hundreds of thousands of users cannot be wrong as you can find a lot of information regarding home improvement, decoration, and furniture. You don’t have to revamp the entire room in order to look good, and this tool will provide you great tips regarding what you should change, and what you should keep. It includes tips on how to decorate individual rooms in order to give them a retro or a futuristic look.
If your social networking life is important, then you can share your favorite photos on various social networks. The application is available for free, and it’s compatible with all Android 1.6 or higher devices. Its biggest problem is that it asks you to review the application only a few minutes after installing it, but other than this minor inconvenience, I’m sure that you’ll love it.
Download Make Your Home here.

7. Dream Home

Android is all about customization, and so is this application. It consists of a wide range of interior design ideas, and what’s more important, you can view different rooms next to each other, meaning that you will be able to make an opinion about how the entire house will look like. This is very important because most people like to have a complete house that has traits from various styles and colors. You can select room types, browse by style, select by colors, or even browse the most popular items in the app. It’s available for only $1.99.
Download Dream Home here.

8. IKEA Catalogue

Last but not least comes the IKEA Catalogue. The name speaks for itself as this official application contains all IKEA catalogues around the world which means that users can scroll through 4,000 images of 2,000 products. You can pinch-to-zoom in the gallery, and then save an item in order to show it to an IKEA employee when you can to the nearest store.
IKEA Catalogue is free to download, but be advised that it needs to download the catalogues after install. The files are sized at 42MB so make sure that you’re connected to a WiFi network.
Download IKEA Catalogue here.

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