28 Interesting and Cool Wall Sticker Designs

In our days, everyone is looking for a modern and original design for their home, a design that defines them and makes them feel cozy when they arrive home. A great choice regarding this aspect is provided by the wall stickers. Wall Stickers are quickly gaining popularity, since there are so easy to use and really affordable, as more and more people are discovering how the wall graphics can transform the bedroom, the living room, children’s room or any other room in your home.

That’s why, for today I’ve prepared a special collection of 28 wall stickers, with a great variety of styles and themes. So, check out the next showcase to find some inspiration to design your house, and let us know which is your favorite!

Here’s something creative and so useful, perfect if you’re tired of those old and not so appealing pegs, that you just want to make them disappear. The wall sticker is designed as a simple black tree with a few cute leafs and branches where you can hang your jacket. A modern and interesting wall sticker, that I’m sure will attract your guests’ attention.

This one is really interesting; it brings the feeling of nature inside, with a beautiful tree that covers a big portion of the wall, and features some colorful and nature-inspired elements, such as the flowers, leafs and a few birds sitting on the branches.

Here’s a great choice for a white wall. I love the combination of red, black and white, where the red, which symbolize life, is used for the bird that sits quietly on the branch. It’s just so chic and simple, perfect if you wish for to bring a small part of the nature inside.

Here’s one of my favorite wall stickers, incredibly creative and interesting. What I like the most about it, is the fact that you can put different pictures with your entire family on the wall, this way creating an original family tree.

A wonderful bedroom that features a simple color palette based on beige and cream and on the wall can be admired a simple and modern sticker, representing a flower touched by the wind. The color was chose to have the same nuance as the furniture, and I must say, it really gives a fine touch.

A few birds hanging out on a branch, represents the central idea of this simple and suggestive black sticker, highlighted by the white walls. There are a few connections in the room, between the wall sticker and the ceramic decorations from the table, and also the use of wood for the dinner table and chairs, relates to the idea of nature.

This one is so full of life, perfect to redecorate your living room walls. It brings the spring inside, creating an airy environment, full of joy and life, the idea being inspired by the spring blossom trees that colors the nature.

Here’s something very interesting and cute for the kitchen, perfect to hang your cups. It’s a great choice if you want to cover a white wall and add some functionality.

A campfire in the woods, that’s what this wall makes me think about. Besides its purpose as a separator between two rooms, the wall is an important element for the living room. It’s covered with a huge sticker and has incorporated a fireplace, which brings a warm feeling in the room.

This one looks incredible, the combination of black and yellow on a white wall looks just fabulous; it’s really one of the most beautiful wall sticker that I’ve seen, but I also like the idea of birds singing their love. Really cute!

The next one follows the same idea as the previous, a romantic scenario between two birds in love. A really great color combination that looks very good on the white wall. Leafs were replaced with hearts and colored in a vibrant orange, to bring the dynamic inside!

Bring the view of the great city inside your bedroom, with this huge black and white wall sticker. It’s a great choice for a modern bedroom; it’s bold and displays a city permanently ready for development.

The next one tends to have a round shape, and represents a great choice for a white wall because it just breaks the simplicity of the design, bringing something new and fresh. A mix of flowers, butterflies and birds contributes to this playful wall sticker.

Most of the stickers people are looking for their own home are nature-inspired, because what else can be more beautiful than the nature itself? The next two bedrooms are using almost the same idea for the wall sticker, the only difference between them being the design of the room. This is one important aspect when we’re thinking about applying a wall sticker, because we have to pay attention to furniture and the color of the walls.

Here’s something very funny, a sticker illustrating the home of a mouse right into the wall. It also comes with a flower and a welcoming home sweet home on top of the entry. This sticker will surely get some attention, and in some cases may freak out some people not so friendly with mice.

If you’re into minimalist interior design and like funny stuff too, here’s a wall sticker that I’m sure it will work just great on that white wall of yours. It just breaks the monotony and brings life and joy into the room. These kinds of stickers are also really great for the child’s room!

Bring the nature into your bedroom with this incredible wall sticker. It illustrates the battle of an imposing tree fighting with the strong wind; just like in an autumn evening when the sky is invaded by all kind of leafs. It’s a great choice for this type of design that uses dark wood furniture.

A peaceful and quiet environment, that’s what this lovely design inspires. A sublime combination of black and white, and a beautiful wall sticker representing a blossom tree in the same color mix, in order to bond with the design. The beauty of the sticker is that it gets rid of the stark and clinical look, and brings a glimpse of nature inside!

A simple but so elegant design, defined by the use of a beautiful and imposing flower wall sticker, with colors that can be found in the chairs and coffee table.

One of the most important uses of the wall stickers is in the kid’s bedroom, because when they are little, beside the fact that they are very visual, they’re also fascinated about nature and animals. So bring the zoo inside with these cute wall stickers illustrating the king of the jungle and its friends.

Looking for an original wall clock? Well, this one is really cool because it’s a combination of a simple clock with a wall sticker. The numbers have different shapes and are placed in various ways, just to give that original look.

A modern design for the bedroom, with an imposing wall sticker right above the bed, all black. I like the match of the sticker design with the carpet, similar with a beautiful tree on a landscape, the only difference being the color used, and the green was replaced with black.

This one makes me feel like I’m on the road, and those unfinished lines inspire movement, continuity. The interior design uses a simple color palette based on cream and grey nuances, and this is an important aspect if you’re thinking about buying a wall sticker, because it needs to match with the design.

A fingerprint on your wall, a quite ingenious wall sticker! A great idea for a present if you have friends passionate about forensics and similar stuff, and I’m sure there are few of you who would like a mysterious sticker like this on your living room wall.

A very creative wall sticker, but the thing is that it works perfectly just in some cases like this one, when we have a bed made of solid wood with an imposing headboard, from which two “branches” rise with a birds house on each of them.

Need someone to sustain your kitchen table? Well, I think I just found the perfect guys for this job! They’ll work 24 hours a day to make sure your table stays at its place. It’s a really funny and interesting idea, perfect if you want to break the stark environment from the kitchen.

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