on March 31, 2020

23 Wonderful Green Interior Design Ideas

Green is a fantastic color for interior decorating because it’s like a neutral color that can work with soft subtle colors, but can also overpower them. Because the eye focuses green exactly on the retina, it is considered the most restful color to the eye.

Getting the correct color balance into your bedroom, living room or kitchen is extremely important, that’s why for today I’ve prepared a collection of 23 Wonderful Green Interior Design Ideas. Using the green color for an interior design is associated with nature, grass and tree leaves, and it is able to relax, soothe, and waft pleasant thoughts.

Here’s a bright and airy interior design, with a modern color palette that lights the entire space. The architects used a light green for the walls and furniture, highlighted by the natural light that comes through the floor to ceiling window.

A very interesting living room design, based on an elegant mix of green and white colors. Green is definitely the dominative color, because it can be found everywhere in the room, the color of the walls, the green pillows on the white couch, and even the chairs are mixing the white and green in their design.

Modern and cozy, that’s how this interior design looks. A spacious living room with an entire wall used as a book shelves, and a great studying space in the center where you can relax by reading your favorite book. Green is the perfect color for a study space, because it improves your concentration and helps you to focus.

This one exudes life and joy, a great place where you can relax enjoying a cup of tea with your friends. The use of green in various elements provides a fresh aesthetic, improved by the curtains that feature a very interesting flower pattern, bringing the feeling of nature inside.

Spacious and elegant, this living room is great for a family gathering. It uses nature inspired colors and materials, a great mix of green and wood, that works incredibly great together. The walls and the carpet are all about green, and we can notice a lot of wood elements, such as the coffee table and other wood sculptures.

A modern green bathroom, with lacquered cabinetry and a flower inspired mirror frame. I found very interesting the use of wood stripes for the windows; it seems like an affordable and interesting option to provide privacy and the necessary amount of light.

A really gorgeous living room, with an interesting architecture found very interesting the idea of these large inclined windows, the think that you can admire the evening sky so easily from your living room. The chandelier and window stickers give a chic touch to this lovely green design.

This is actually the continuity of the previous room. In essence it follows the same idea, but uses a lot of wood, both for the floor plan and the wall where the TV is placed. One thing that I really found interesting and original is that small artificial wall sculptured in the shape of a pendant lamp, looks great when the lights are on.

If you want to feel the morning dew each day in your kitchen, this is a great idea! A huge wall sticker that changes the simple and usual aesthetic, providing a fresh touch to the kitchen. The wall sticker is actually a great way to bring the nature inside through different types of captures, depending on what you like. You can check out the 28 Interesting and High Design Wall Stickers article to get more inspired.

Here’s a modern living room, which uses a unique combination of green with yellow and brown shades for the walls. An artificial white wall rise from floor to ceiling and is applied on the center of the main wall, continuing its way from one side of the ceiling to another. The floor plan is very glossy, reflecting everything that’s around, this way creating the illusion of a bigger space.

A really colorful living room and quite a bold combination I must say. The green and orange, mixed in all the possible ways, creates a spectacular living room.

So fancy and green! I found it very interesting the use of golden spots on the green wall, it works perfectly and resembles in some ways a sky full of stars. The chandelier and golden lamp brings creates an elegant environment, and the bathtub is like the perfect one for this design.

Really magnificent! A lovely interior design based on the nature-inspired concept, incorporating different flower pattern for both the lamp and pillows and also for a wall painting above the bed. The result is a fresh look, and an extremely comfortable bedroom.

A beautiful living room! It’s one of the greatest designs I saw because it manages to incorporate a lot of beautiful elements and features in such a small space. The fireplace and the plants placed on each corner, creates a warm and cozy environment.

A pale shade of green invades the entire space and mixes in some places with purple, the overall look being simple and not so bright. From some certain angles it looks quite stark, making it a not so welcoming bedroom.

Amazing, that’s the perfect description of this bedroom! There’s a carpet so similar with the natural grass, and yellow walls beautifully lighted by the natural light that comes from outside. The floor plan is just the perfect choice for this bedroom, because uses a light wood that reflects the light, making the bedroom much brighter and airy.

Modern and chic, this bedroom incorporates several wood and leather elements highlighted by the green walls. The floor plan features a light wood that reflects the light and creates a brighter space.

A lovely living room surrounded by green shades! The curtains follow the same idea as the pillow arrangement, from light green to black, and it really looks great. The use of glass table instead of the wood table was a great idea because lets the color and light reflect, and provides a chic touch.

An incredible huge and green living room with an entire mirror wall, which creates the illusion of a bigger space, at the first look seems to be the same room. The big couch features several green shades, from a light green to a dark one, trying to cover the entire palette. The light is provided by green pendant lamps and wall-mounted lamps.

This beautiful green interior design presents a nature-inspired concept with a touch of art. The designer used wood for more than 90% percent of the design, a sustainable and renewable material. The result reflects a cozy aesthetics in order to make the customers feel comfortable.

Here’s a bright and cool interior design with a light lime color for the walls, so beautifully lighted by the natural light. This pattern goes beyond the walls, invading the shelves and highlighting the elements exposed. The furniture is dominated by a beautiful clean white color, very simple and elegant, perfect for overall aesthetic.

A great material that can be beautifully combined with green color is definitely the wood. Both the green and dark wood are nature-inspired elements and are used for the walls and doors. That’s really a beautiful combination for the bedroom because it creates a bright and cozy environment, perfect for relaxation.

Here’s a modern kitchen all dressed up in a light lime color. You can see how the use of glossy green for the cabinetry and chairs provides a bright and shiny aesthetic and even the chandelier has the same color nuance. The white and green mix is very used in kitchens because it provides an original modern look.

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    I think forrest green is the best green to decorate with. I think accenting with green and utilizing tans and browns look great.

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