Mochen Office by Mochen Architects & Engineers

Mochen Architecs & Engineers is a talented team from Beijing, China and they have decided to design their own office. In the images below can be admired their work and talent. The building is located on the west side of the road, between Xuanwumen West Street and Chang’an Street in Beijing Xicheng District. In the surrounding, the buildings reveal different periods of constructions and different styles. Here the old styles and the newest trends stand one next to the other forming a type of unorganized settlement. The architects continued this idea and didn’t destroyed the original diverse street spatial forms, these were treated as sections of history that have to be preserved. The urban space is separated by the building through a courtyard in order to realize their objective.

The office design and the techniques are inspired by Chinese culture, it can be observed the creative thinking and also the contemporary influence. Actually their culture was revitalized with the energy given by the contemporary style, the colors and the lines that bring life and positive vibes.  Traditional culture was used in its metaphorical forms, so weakness caused by symbolic fragments could be avoid, these are embraced with minimalistic elements. From the first part came the water, bamboo, mountain, courtyard and from the last part, the modern one, came the colors and the lines.

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