Modern CuCoo Clock by Stefan Hepner

This contemporary clock was designed by Stefan Hepner and it’s a really interesting piece perfect for any kind of design, especially for a fancy living room The “CuCoo Clock” is made from cast resin and features a unique design, very modern and covered in a white glossy.

The spectacular design of this clock can improve and give a contemporary look to any room. Its unusual shape, with a cutting edge finish makes you rethink the way you saw lifestyle until now. It can fit on both a classic design of your home, as well to a nonconformity one.

You won’t have to fear that you will not find the right place for this great clock, you will find the perfect wall for it from the first moment when you will bring it back with you at home.

The interesting shape of the clock will enrich the architecture of you home, or maybe the place where you work but it can also be the best present for a dear friend. The fabulous design of the clock will make you love it at first sight because it represents an almost nostalgic feature to the modern design.

The clock is the essential element that was missing for a long time from our homes and you will not regret buying it. Time will just move slowly with this new clock.

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