Tight Competition on Lamp Lighting Solution

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This new type of competition combining art and architecture designs has the purpose to discover innovative and simple ideas, such as the idea of solving the problem of lighting lamps commonly used now in most modern ways of designing houses and luxury premises.

People that participate in the evaluation will chose the winners in a very strictly way according to certain characteristics and by their level of knowledge in architecture. They will have to choose the best idea from those submitted in the contest based on the uniqueness, creativity and most of all on the fact if these new products will be successful or not in the market. Their work will not be easy, but we can say that those who will come out on top of the winning list will have only benefits into the future, especially after this competition. Only the best will have a chance at the big prize.

The prizes will be awarded to those who fulfill all requirements of this competition.

For example, a lighting lamp might incorporate elements especially related to relaxation, to offer a special touch in for every house. Their design is very unique and useful in any home, for any type of design. Participants who want to display their ideas in the competition will be able to enroll very easy. We can only wish them good luck.

Tight Competition on Lamp Lighting Solution

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