Charming Oregon Coast Beach House

Oregon Coast Beach House is a new project designed by Boora Architects and contains two floors covered up by a huge deck. Around the courtyard the coast beach house shows a unique shape similar with the letter U, very unique for this kind of design.

On the first floor it provides two places that look like a garage for your cars and in the second floor the place is differentiated in two areas, a private one for your family and a public one where you can welcome your visitors in the best way you can do.

Everything around the building can be described very well as a place of peace and quietness which adds to the friendly and amazing design of our house. When the night comes, all the lights are on in the house, most of the lights are predominantly in the second floor where the rooms for family and friends are.

The entire building seems to be surrounded like in a ball of light to maintain the feeling of comfort and elegance. The architecture used for this house is very modern and contemporary and this development in the domain of architecture was very well received by everyone .