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40 Friendly and Fresh Blue Interior Design Ideas

Are you looking for a new design for your home and you really love the blue color? Lucky, we’ve got what you’re looking for, a collection of 40 friendly and fresh blue interior designs, so that you could find your inspiration and use it into your home!

I know that many people are a little afraid to use this color in their homes because it can be a very cold color, but the thing is, that if it’s applied properly, blue makes a superb color to use for your interior decorating. The next inspirational designs that you are about to see include interior designs with a great palette of blue colors, from Navy Blue, to a subtle pastel shade of Bluebell White and a lot more. So focus your attention on these amazing designs and let us know which one would you use in your home!

This beautiful living room seems to be an oasis of relaxation, and has a clean aesthetic with an elegant combination of blue and white. The natural light from outside is invading the space, highlighting each element that helps in the great interior design.

Here’s what you can call a master bedroom; so spacious and cozy that I’m sure it will get very hard to leave it in the morning. The inspirational blue use for this bedroom is very pale and combines with the white sheets and pendant lights.

A really great kitchen, I just love the blue used for the small tiles that are working so great with the white classic cabinetry. The design is simple and elegant, the table also presents a blue shade so that it creates a connection with the rest of the elements.

There’s a great example of vibrant blue, a great choice if you want your living room to feel welcoming and  full of life. It’s really great if you’re looking to create an open living room, interactive, that will spark a conversation immediately. The color works very well with antique wooden furniture and white modern elements.

Modern all the way. If you like so much the blue color you could think about this type of blue cabinetry, that it will just light your kitchen. The white table and chairs are just exquisite, so ultra modern and sleek, the perfect choice for a modern kitchen.

Another kitchen on the list, but this one is a lot more spectacular for me. A beautiful combination of white and a vibrant blue for the cabinetry with a great arrangement of the kitchen stuff, with everything you need right next to you.  One of the things that I love the most about this kitchen is the floor, I really thing that it looks fantastic and reflect the natural light providing an airy space.

Here’s another modern kitchen, this one use a lot of stunning elements and pieces of furniture. One of the things that exudes modernity is that glossy cabinetry divided in three. The grey one seems like it’s floating and the yellow structure it gives color to the entire space. Also, the chairs are just unique through their design, I’m really curious how comfortable they are.

Here’s a view that I would like to see each day in the morning when I wake up. What’s so special about this design is that round opening that captures some great views of the nature outside. The walls are painted in a light blue in order to create an inviting space, while that blue velvet couch attracts the look as the focal point of the bedroom.

Puppies, blue dots and a lot of shelves: these are some great elements that you could use in the child’s room. It’s very welcoming and interactive, well-organized, but I’m sure that for some kids that are just full of energy that organized space will not be so organized after a few days.

Blue stripes, blue walls, blue curtains, it’s all about blue. The white ceiling and wooden floor also painted in white accentuates the blue walls. The natural light is provided through some large floor to ceiling windows, that highlights the unique elements from the wall.

Here’s something really elegant. A blue theme for the living room table that captures attention through its spectacular arrangement and that vibrant coral blue that bright the interior. An inviting table that I’m sure it will be loved by everyone.

I really thing that blue it’s the most appropriate color for the bathroom’s interior design, of course this depends on everyone. Well, love it or not, this bathroom design is really great, I like how the designers have combined half the wall painted in blue with the other half covered in simple, classic white tiles. The flowers represent a small detail that brings color and bright the entire space, so don’t forget to try this for your own bathroom.

This cute bathroom seems to be designed for princesses. The bathtub is the one that commands the entire design, with its blue color and white legs, very fancy and with a touch of bohemia also due to the use of a white curtain that provides privacy and a relaxing environment. That white vintage cabinet and elegant chandelier gives a special touch to this design.

Minimalist blue bedroom, these are the three perfect words to describe this bedroom. Dark blue walls, a simple bed with white sheets and a few pendant lamps, positioned such way to highlight the simplicity of the bed. The chrome elements positioned around the bed have the purpose of reflecting the lights, and create more light.

Here’s something really fancy! A blue inspirational design with some elegant cozy chairs and a blue couch,  a design completed with some gold elements that gives a luxurious aesthetic. The elements that attract the most all the attention is the blue lamp with fluff on it. The ceiling presents different gold patterns related to flowers.

This design seems to exude spring due to the combination of green and blue colors, so vibrant and full of life. In this picture you can see the importance of a great painting for the interior design, it changes everything, adds color and style.

Interesting you might say, and I can believe you why is that. This room looks like it was carefully painted from a certain point from the room. The walls are painted with different shades of blue in order to highlight every element that wants to be represented, clouds, birds, trees;  An interesting approach is the fact that the white couch is also painted such way that it seems to reflect the tree.

So bright and inviting, that’s how this blue bedroom is. The details are so great that you just can find anything that you won’t like: it’s elegant, spacious and it definitely looks cozy.  The combination between white and light blue is one of the most loved, because, as you can see allows a great amount of natural light to invade the interior space.

Sleek and gorgeous. Here’s a blue kitchen that I’m almost sure you’ll fall in love with. You can see no walls in there, everything was designed such way that all the walls could be covered with glossy cabinetry, in a dark blue shade that seems to conquer the entire space. The entire design provides a cold feeling, not necessarily because of the dark blue all over the place, but also because of the aluminium chairs.

Small and elegant, and overall look is just splendid. The color for the cabinetry is just magnificent! That blue is something we don’t see very often and it always looks great in different combinations. For this specific design the combination used was blue cabinetry with a black table top. Here I want you to notice those small elements that are so important because it makes the kitchen look so great, highlighting the dark colors: that yellow pumpkin and those beautiful flower on the table.

A really pretty living room, it provides enough space for the guests and looks incredibly cozy. I see this combination of blue and white elements very often and I can see why, it looks really great. The secret in this kind of design, are the elements that differentiates your design from the others, personal things or pieces of furniture that characterizes you. I personally like the variety of pillows all of them in different models and shaded of blue.

This one is just delicious. Pink and blue, It works so well don’t you think? It’s a really interesting design and the elements used are very strong. Although it’s a small living room, there are four different mirrors on the wall specially placed to create the feeling of a wider space. That huge floor to ceiling window could not be more perfect than that, it just gives life to the whole place.

If we’re talking about business, we should pay attention to this design. It’s like the first time you look at it, it says power, and that dark blue for the walls could not be more adequate for this type of design.

Can I just say, wow! It looks like that kind of bedroom that you don’t want to take your eyes away from it. Vibrant colors and refined elements that captures your eyes and makes you study every detail.  The blue color used for the walls is really magnificent, and what I like the most is that white wall sticker above the bed that resembles a tree.

This great bedroom uses blue for the walls in combination with a modern pattern that provides an elegant aesthetic, also due to the use of that great chandelier that provides a warm light and creates a peaceful environment.

Blue, white and light wood:  a great combination for a simple and cozy living room. The floor to ceiling window is a really great investment for a living room, and extremely important, because it brings the natural light inside and highlights the beautiful colors and elements that represents us and we like to share with friends that come in visit.

Here’s something that completely defines a modern luxurious bathroom. That glossy dark blue just looks incredible, and that round windows is something really unique that I’ve never seen before in any other designs.

This is not necessarily a blue kitchen design but it looks like one. Why is that? It’s all about the lights. During the day it’s a modern black kitchen design, but when the night comes the light inside the cabinetry reflect into the floor and gives the impression of a blue design, so modern and elegant that you cannot resist.

If you like bright places, this kitchen it’s just perfect for you. The great glossy blue combined with white floor it looks just stunning. The top of the dining table is made from glass, while the chairs are transparent to increase the lighting aspect.

This must be the coziest corner from a living room ever, don’t you think? That one looks like the perfect chair ever, and I just can imagine the views outside, standing in there and drinking a cup of coffee in a rainy day. The elements are simple and just perfect , the small white tables are simple and inviting.

Here’s a modern blue interior design. Those sleek elements of furniture are the latest trends. It’s all about extreme minimalism with a simple color palette and exquisite design elements. The table, chairs and the pendant lamps above are all covered in a glossy white finish, contrasting with the blue walls.

This one looks very chic. The couch is covered in blue leather, a really interesting shade of blue that is very inviting and cozy. What’s so interesting about this design is that we usually see a table in the front of the couch but in this case we only see a carpet that seems to be really comfortable to sit on. It’s all about relaxation.

A luxurious living room with a blue theme, and a lot of interesting elements used for the overall design. Huge floor to ceiling windows and some tall white columns gives the feeling of an airy space, inspired from the rooms of the Greek kings.

A blue corner, it looks so cold but incredible interesting at the same time. The white elements complete the design with the light they reflect, and that comfy carpet tries to bring a warm feeling in this cold corner.

This beautiful bedroom has been designed with a light blue theme in mind and looks incredible comfortable. The walls are all painted in a blue shade and the sheets for the bed have several motifs of flowers on them, making it look so fantastic.

The next blue living room looks very inviting. What I like about this design is the way how the designers have chosen the colors for the furniture, a soft palette of pink and cream shades, that works so fine with the dark blue walls.

A strong blue kitchen design, that captures our attention with that glossy blue table top. Seems that in every kitchen the focal point is represented by the kitchen table, and it really is true.  And in order to give a fresh look to your kitchen, always put a vase with fresh flowers on the table.

This bedroom is quite simple and cozy, but what I really like the most is that gorgeous floor that shines so beautifully. The great window provides enough natural light for the entire room and an important element for this design is represented by that abstract painting placed o top of the bed.

Talking about fancy living rooms, here’s one that I’m sure it will spark interest. It has an elegant approach with that stunning chandelier and those porcelain vases. The couch next to the fireplace is something we would all want to have in our living room and even though it uses a cold blue for the walls, being so small and well-organized it provides a cozy, warm feeling of intimate.

Here’s a perfect room for two young boys. What I think it’s very important about this design is the fact that occupies a little amount of space, and it really looks very functional, with the bed placed on top of the closet and the two-in-one desk that occupies a little amount of space.

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