A Spectacular Design for the FAD Residence

FAD Residence is a new project put in the charge of some talented architects from the OkanaganValley-based full service interior design firm FAD Design Group.

The project took some time because the designers wanted to take a serious care of every room and create a unique aesthetic for them according to the wonderful view from outside and the main theme of the house. It has such an imposing aspect, the entire house has plenty of light and when the night comes, it all becomes so bright. Most of the walls are made from glass in order to give you the opportunity of admiring day and night the spectacular views that surrounds the house, and to see the blue sky full of stars.

Every room was furnished with good taste and provides a feeling of elegance and comfort as well, and custom designed kitchen looks amazing and uses modern elements. The pool outside the house completes it perfectly. For the interior furniture and walls the designers have used only soft colors, quite bright that will give a friendly and pleasant appearance to the entire place. This is the perfect house for you and your family, it has all the facilities you need to make your life easier.

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