Elegant and Stylish Design for an Apartment in Bratislava

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Neopolis Studio was put in charge with the designing of a nice apartment in Bratislava which has some impressive contemporary features and is situated in the Juraj Karlik.

The architecture of the apartment is amazing; the contrast between the colors gives the place a nice and comfortable appearance, the furniture was chosen with such a very good taste and it’s very modern. The entire place is very spacious and furnished in an elegant way, everyone will love it from the first moment, and the walls are painted with warm colors consistent with the colors of the furniture and creates a nice environment for the costumers that will want to buy a nice and simple apartment in the city.

In the living room, we can enjoy a cozy white couch, some nice pillows and a couple of beautiful chairs that are posed on a soft carpet, watching TV on a huge screen and under the TV we have some elegant shelves where you can put your favorite things. The kitchen is equipped with all the facilities you may need for cooking and with a stylish design in order to be suitable with the entire place. In the others rooms, the furniture is as beautiful as the whole apartment, simple and elegant and with a nice design creating an impressive appearance to the clients.

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