Creative and Commercial Appearance: The Jewel Box

This new design project was put in action to a commercial complex and adds to it a spectacular architecture consistent with the purpose of this place for the community; the goal was to create a modern and comfortable building with some new features and to improve this way the entire appearance of the place.

Thinking at the importance of this building, the designers created an impressive design for this place with all the facilities that the clients may need, a smart parking that will give the people the impression that the building is actually floating. This new improved building is located in Bangalore, India and we have to appreciate the talent of the designers from Cadence Architects who put their mind and soul in creating this amazing commercial complex.

The architecture of this place is just great, it represents a combination of traditional and modern features in combination with some stylish elements in order to create a nice and friendly environment inside the building, to the costumers come more often and enjoy all the facilities that this place is offering. Some staircases are connecting the two floors of that building with a modern design and it was further fused with faceted object. The colors used are so bright and colorful in order to give a more alive aesthetic to the entire place.

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