20 Romantic Interior Designs: A Touch of Red Inspiration

You have just bought the house of your dreams. You are looking at the walls and your imagination flies…Look at the interiors below and you will find the perfect atmosphere. Red is a warm and extremely tender color. In combination with white they offer a peaceful, but also daring aesthetic for your house.

So, check out the next designs and pick your favorite to use in your house! Also, for more inspiring ideas check out 30 gorgeous yellow interior design ideas or if you are into green, 23 Wonderful Green Interior Design Ideas and for the blue lovers there are 40 friendly and fresh blue interior designs waiting for you!

Here we come to the kitchen, which is the soul of each house and family. A red kitchen means happiness and joy. The red cupboard reminds of Christmas and gives the kitchen intimacy, relaxation and pleasure of tastes.

Look at this amazing red and white bedroom! Cozy though big enough, the red and white bed gives personality to the entire room. The red wall offers a spot of colour to your dreams and combined with the white walls and large windows, sketch a mild personality, but vivid and solar.

A combination of classic and modern, that’s the predominant look of this interior. Elegant and warm, the different red scale creates intimacy and protection. Everything in here has a tinge of red which warms the atmosphere. The flowers flower from the vase bring the life freshness inside and illuminate the room.

A modern and spacious interior, illuminated by natural light, coming from large windows. White walls, outlined by cherish red edges warm up the room.Though the living room has plenty of light, the atmosphere is intimate and animated by the flowers. Less furniture, more space and light and, all of these, along with red color of the couch transform the living room into a delicious place.

A really intimate living room. Red and white, spread everywhere in the room, mingle together and offers a warm and cozy environment. The Alabama crimson tonality of red from the walls offers warmth to the place. Combined with modern black and white furniture and the little ornamental tree, the rooms is the best opportunity for a peaceful rest. It is interesting that the room has a wall which separates it into two different spaces, being very useful and practical, too.

Another red kitchen, in a celebrating atmosphere. Clean and very well divided, it has the place ti work and cook, the bar and the cupboard red and white. Combined with the white grit stone the kitchen makes the perfect place to eat.

Black-red wall with wood flooring, reveals a bold combination into a sober and simple setting. A very masculine background, well outlined. The coldness of the blue-grey color of the walls is diminished by red and white. The living room reminds of a black and white portrait; red color tames the sketches of the portrait.

And why not a red and white bathroom?! In a house of your dreams you can have the boldness to place a huge white shining bathtub, on a white and shining grit stone, in small delicate pieces, with a tremendous chandelier over the bathtub, creating the atmosphere of old ages, with princesses. The bathroom is like a delicate and sensual red rose, opening petal by petal and revealing intense mysteries.

Here is a red library room, a room for relaxation and for work, too. Red color gives intimacy and increases concentration. The reddish shelves, the different shades of red from the carpet and the walls rest you and gives you nostalgia for lost hot summer holidays (notice the camel!). You need to sit down on the red couch and light a cigar remembering great days.

Another red living room, but combined with blue-grey. A very cozy room, for long winter evenings. Blue is a cold color, but in combination with red the coldness disappears and the atmosphere becomes warm and tender. Red and white curtains refresh the room, the grey and modern designed chairs stimulate the atmosphere of work, too. It is a useful combination between an office and a living room. But the red coach invites you to take an afternoon nap.

An interior design of bold red. A bold combination of red, white and black, modern and simple furniture, modern paintings, everything leads to order, cleanliness and sobriety. The space is well divided by the white and cold grit stone of the floor and the warmth of a red and thick carpet, with black edges. Flowers from the pots are a vivid element in this space.

A practical living room, white walls and furniture, red and cheerful, but elegant carpet and modernity all over the place. The chair like a shell, white and red, invites you to meditation and relaxation. Modern and interesting painting on the wall, a place for delight!

This living room seems to be come as a continuity to the one we have just admired. The big red wall gives personality to the room, and the bold combination between red, white and black creates a firm line of the room.

A red – white apartment, another sample of living room. A grey big couch, comfortable and spacious, shadowed by the tree from the wall paper behind, invites you to meditation and relaxation. Modern furniture, a small table and two white and elegant armchairs, red curtains, increase the intimate atmosphere. The flowers are a vivid element, creating you the impression of relaxing into a greenhouse.

Black-red and white, the perfect combination for a bedroom. The pieces of furniture mingle together and create an atmosphere of a game. The white bad, covered with a black blanket is a  part of the game. Small chairs, like a piece from a chess game. A delightful and elegant bedroom.

Red, white and blue is an ideal combination for a teenage room. The red door makes you think you are in a ball room. The red bed becomes a princess’ bed and the blue edges of the window, together creates a fairy tales’ room for relaxation.

A perfect combination of blue and red makes from this living room the perfect room to relax in.  A grey carpet and a part of grey wall, in combination with the red and very comfortable coach bring a mild atmosphere. The white chair offers freshness. Everything has good taste and brings you to a cheerful and relaxing atmosphere.

A cute room for a small girl. Simple white walls, combined with red and white furniture, a little bed like a queen’s throne, small pieces of furniture like in the dwarves’room from Cinderella’s fairy tale and the white round carpet complete the fairy tale atmosphere.

A real teenager room, small bed with white and red strips, red walls, a red and thick, cozy carpet on the floor, sober pieces of furniture…lead to the impression of order, serious but warm and tenderness.

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    i love ur designs..how do i get u?

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