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37 Spooky Halloween Decorations and Designs

In the run up to Halloween, it is always nice to get into the ‘spirit’ of things. Decorating your home for Halloween is fun, and can be a great way to forget about the end of Summer, and prepare for the beginning of a dark, cold Winter.

If you’re wondering “How to decorate the house for Halloween?“, the answer is simple: you have to use your imagination and get creative. So, take a look below and get inspired because we’ve gathered some cool Halloween decoration ideas and interior designs, perfect for your house. No matter if you want to decorate your kitchen, living-room or maybe bedroom with ghosts, pumpkins and skulls, here you’ll find everything you need for a perfect Halloween!

  • Halloween decorated kitchen – because everything starts from the kitchen, guests need to eat, in spite of the gloomy celebration. It is a big room, well equipped, with a warm color for the table, in the spirit of Halloween. All the kitchen’s furniture is white, which gives elegance to the room. The orange decorations, lamps and fruits from the table, introduce us into the strange atmosphere of this holiday. Orange enlightens the room and reminds us the colors of autumn.

  • Table set in the dining room, for family. The predominant colors are black and white. Every detail is important for the whole atmosphere. Black and elegant chairs covered with white little pillows, imitating the ornaments of a wedding, a gloomy one. Black table, all covered with cute orange pumpkins, and an incredible sticker on the wall resembling a haunted house, complete the whole Halloween picture.

  • The same ceremony of setting the table, but, this time, into another manner. A black table, simulating a coffin, set and adorned with black plates and white napkins, the gloomy picture is completed by the two skulls and a ceremonious candlestick. The party may begin!

  • And a sign sitting on table will encourage passers-by to stop and read.  This sign may be used for unsuspecting guests.

  • This image provides the perfect excuse for a decadently gothic and glamorous dinner party. This dining room is certainly eye-catching with its clever combination of contemporary splashes of bright orange color.A huge chandelier is hanging over the table and the wood ceiling,  enlighten the table and imitates the autumn’s colors.

  • Another type of ornament, funny and macabre at the same time. Three macabre figures placed near a white wall, in a hall, and shadowed by some black branches like claws of a scary tree.

  • Spooktacular black table, with black table-cloth, representing a huge cobweb. Everything is black, table is set with white porcelain plates and crystal glasses, great color combinations to achieve the gloomy look. No table is complete without a centerpiece. Floral arrangements are generally the choice for the central piece. Orange roses, combined with little orange pumpkins…ideal for the atmosphere!

  • If you’re not into pumpkins you can take in consideration these interesting candles, with Halloween trees, black cats and spooky houses. They look spectacular and also the costs will be drastically reduced. I personally find the one with the cat being the most interesting!

  •  For those who want something more “dark”, you can get inspired from this Halloween interior design. There’s a chain suspended on the fireplace, a clock with spiders and bats on it and some really spooky elements that will capture you.

  •  This one looks really really interesting! If you want your guests to feel the Halloween spirit at its best don’t hesitate to use this kind of design, it’s rich and the details used are absolutely perfect.

  •  Halloween fireplace, dressed in pumpkins of all shapes and colors. It looks both cute and funny, a very creative idea that you can also try it at home, by painting the pumpkins and adding dots and stripes. Seems like the autumn is rich!

  •  Halloween spirit all over the fireplace! Everything is so orange and creepy, a very great idea for this day. Halloween ghosts, Halloween skulls, Halloween pumpkins, what can you wish more?

  •  This living-room with a Halloween theme looks stunning. Here you can see how good does the black and orange colors looks in combination with white. The elements are very well chosen, that spider that oversees the treats is quite something to be afraid of, and the skull that pops from the popcorn it’s something that you don’t want to miss.

  •  This is probably one of the best Halloween designs I’ve seen until now. I like the colors and the idea of swirls in the corner of the room and all over the fireplace. Also the craving pumpkins look very cute and the light that they give provides a warm atmosphere, very cozy and relaxing.

  • Example of decoration, perfect for autumnal bunch of orange and auburn flowers, combined with orange pumpkin, all into an orange pot. The effect is guaranteed!

  • On Halloween night you must not forget any detail! Decorating your shelves is an important aspect of the celebration. Shelves dressed in white, or painted in white, with black decorations, skull and little white pumpkins. Let’s not forget about the creepy black covered books and witches with crystal globes.

  • And why not decorating the bathroom? A white toilet, wearing black fingers and white scary and curious eyes, a skull with a spider and an orange pumpkin; nice but scary, isn’t it?

  • An inspiring party interior design, two thin black candlesticks, like two black and scary cobwebs, supporting two white and tall candles, with the black spiders coming down.

  • An original way of decorating your cupboard from the kitchen. A cozy, warm and funny decoration, in the autumnal colors. The wood cupboard placed on a green wall and the wood table warm up the atmosphere. The flowers in the autumn’s colors offer light and contrast with the black spiders, black and huge bugs and black bats from the white-yellow curtain in the kitchen. The broom is waiting for its witch!

  • Another type of Halloween design; a central decoration for a wood table. The colors and the candles are nice, warm and remind of the winter season.

  • Situated at the base of the stairs, a black chest of drawers is decorated for Halloween. It wears a pumpkin vase, creepy branches with bats, white pumpkins assuring the contrast between colors., all of these make a perfect combination of interior design for Halloween.

  • Another table set for Halloween. A small one, in a dark atmosphere, with small candle lights into carved pumpkins. The room is dark and the candlelight offers intimacy.

  • There are pumpkins everywhere! Their discrete candlelight combines with the other lights provide an atmosphere of mystery and secret joy.

  • Lanterns in the shape of pumpkins, yellow and black, hanging over a bunch of thin and arid branches, against a black wall: a great Halloween atmosphere.

  • An interesting and cozy Halloween design for kitchen. All kind of kitchen stuff, including candies and different spices, in jars with skulls, a pumpkin and a small white ghost, create a familiar and nice atmosphere.

  • Table arrangement, with white and orange pumpkins and jars with candies for ’trick or treat’’, everything placed on an orange table-cloth.

  • Table set for important Halloween guests. The dominant color is orange again.The atmosphere is sober. Black table, black chairs, black plates and orange napkins, black chandeliers and a black cross on the table-cloth and on each napkin. Welcome to vampires’ party!

  • An original and simple decoration for rooms with fireplace. The pumpkins, painted with flames, imitate real flames. Candles and light spots offer a diffused light.

  • Another table set for guests. This time the predominant color is the grim black in combination with blue, suggesting night and mystery. It looks like the Adams family. Plates are white and provides a sort of light, but in fact they increase mystery. Candles on the table illuminate the scenario.

  • Dining room with fireplace. The room itself is decorated in the warm autumn’s colors. Nuances of orange, brick-red colored furniture and carpet, a real fire burning into the fireplace, a comfortable armchair near the fireplace and the presence of books invites you to dream and read. The pretty pumpkin faces near the fireplace increase the cozy atmosphere.

  • Halloween lighting decor, a pumpkin imitating a mosaic or stained glass from a catholic church. It has many autumn colours and the effect is assured.

  • In the kitchen, on the cupboard, you must necessarily find a place for some white little ghosts shaped candles, a merry orange pumpkin, a giant spider coming straight to its cobweb, between glasses, and the Halloween may come.

  • An authentic Halloween dining room, with crimson walls, as if a fire would have burnt out suddenly into the room. The brown couch is overseen by a candlestick with three arms, supporting three white candles like ghosts. A cobweb is mingled between the three arms of the candlestick and many small candles are lightening the landscape and scare you. In this creepy and burning atmosphere, the TV set looks unfamiliar.

  • An ornament for the center of the table is about to scare everybody. It is a white skull wearing a funny helmet, reminding you of a clown from the circus. It is placed in the middle of a round table covered with a white table-cloth, as if the spiritism session is about to begin.

  • A decor made up of candlesticks, encircled in black cobwebs, wearing little orange pumpkins, side by side with glasses and a bottle of red wine, the real pleasure of vampires, everything surveyed by a black, grim crown.

  • If you want to climb the stairs, you may be scared by a huge white and unsubstantial ghost, with a pumpkin head, hanging on the banister.

  • Since their origin for this celebration isn’t quite very friendly, orange and black don’t have to be always associated with this kind of meanings. Black means the absence of color and most people associate it with death, mourning, widowhood, and generally with formal and serious occasions. In fact, black which goes well with almost any color, except brown, can also be mysterious, sexy, and sophisticated. On the other hand, orange color sparks more controversy than any other hue. A bold combination of black and orange in the bedroom seems interesting and daring.

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