44 Warm and Cozy Autumn Interior Designs

In spite of the November’s cold weather, autumn is beautiful in colors. It has all nuances of yellow, brown and red. Autumn is a great painter who works with all warm colors on earth. Let us take a glance and admire some autumnal interior designs and feel cozy inside when the wind blows and the November endless rain hits the windows.

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This is the interior design of a chalet. Rustic and full of light, spacious and cozy, this living room is waiting to warm you up with a delightful fireplace fire. You may sit on the comfortable white chairs in front of the fire and drink a nice warm cup of tea, or you may relax on the white sofa, with a good book or a good relaxing music. The carpet is also white and, together with the large windows and furniture, increases room’s luminosity.  The walls and ceiling are made from wood in different nuances and you can notice the big hunting trophy over the window, which provides the rustic aspect of the chalet.

From rustic to elegance we can admire another living room, this time from a modern and elegant home. It is a large room in different light colors, from white to apricot. It has large windows allowing you to admire the view in the garden. The walls are painted in a nuance of apricot and the comfortable and elegant coach and armchair have almost the same color. The large doors are white and the carpet is an imitation of a tiger’s fur, with white and black stripes. A small square glass table sits in front of the sofa and gives elegance to the space between sofa, armchair and the rest of the room. The other furniture, two small round wood tables, a chest of drawers and a huge mirror, some lamps and plants complete the landscape.

This may be the living room of a chalet or a penthouse arranged as living room, for relaxation and intimacy. The ceiling and walls are from fawn colored wood. There is an intimate fireplace on one wall, with a black mantel with paintings and plants. The sofa is comfortable, deep peach colored. The three pillows in the autumn’s colors (green, orange and purple) transpose you in the autumnal atmosphere with red leaves and burning forests. Near the fireplace stand a comfortable brown leather armchair and a small round brown wood table near the sofa. In the middle of the room there is a rectangular and modern table and orange small leather round chair, imitating a pumpkin, near the table completes the autumnal atmosphere of the room.

A cozy living room in white and shades of brown, with a strong fire into the fireplace and a vase with autumn branches and rusty leaves. The room is bright, with white walls, white doors and a dark brown floor, for contrast. It has the colors of the earth, giving peace and serenity. The light of the fire, combined with the rusty leaves from the vase and the dark sienna sofa, with reddish pillows, provides the autumnal atmosphere. In front of the sofa there is a small dark sienna wood table containing fruits and wine (autumn is the season of melancholy and lavish).

 Here we have an autumnal frame from a big house. It is a very comfortable chocolate brown armchair, with a funny yellow pillow in the colors of the gone pale leaves of the trees outside. There are leaves and flowers on the pillow, reminding the autumn outside. There are also some branches in a vase, with rusty leaves on fire, their color perfectly matching with the armchair’s color. A warm and cozy blanket is hanging on one of the armchair’s arms, making you feel protected and delighted. Near the wall there is a twig basket, full with logs, waiting for the fire from the fireplace. The carpet in intimate, in nuances of beige and café au lait and the atmosphere is sweet and warm.

A nice and warm corner from a beautiful living room. You can admire the large white couch, with pillows in autumn reddish and brown shades, interspersed everywhere. In front of the couch there is a dark brown wood table, like a little office with drawers, with branches and yellow leaves on it. You can enjoy a beautiful autumn afternoon relaxing on the couch and reading a good book. Another piece which reminds us autumn is the carpet. Black, with autumnal flowers, having a camel border, the carpet brings autumn inside. The walls are made up of sand stone, in nuances of brown and there are two large mirrors on one wall, creating the impression of space. With the candles lighted on, the room almost smells like autumn!

Here we have an interesting and cozy autumn interior, a living room with fireplace. The burning fire warms up the room and spreads a beautiful autumnal light into the rest of the room. In front of the fireplace stands a short table with wood legs, covered with a material in the colors of autumn with a plate on it. A chocolate leather armchair and a very comfortable copper pillow with a blanket invites you to relax and warm you up.  On the other side of the fireplace there is a bog pot with logs and the mantel has an ornament with leaves from the grass, candles and paintings. There are books on the shelves, inviting you to read and dream about winter.

This is a special living room, having two glass walls, thing that brings a lot of light into the room and offers perspective. The curtains are painted in stripes of copper, camel, apricot, cocoa brown and grey, all of them being autumnal colors of earth. The sofa is spacious and elegant, dark grey, a color which, combined with the copper if the pillows enhance the effect of autumn into the house. A comfortable desert sand armchair with a round white pillow invites you to relax. The living room looks cheerful and bright but the autumnal colors induce a tint of melancholy.

Another living room dressed up in the autumn’s colors. The room is grey, the ceiling is white and the floor is brown. The contrast between cold and warm colors delineates the room, making it to have personality. But the yellow and dark tangerine pillows from the grey sofa bring light and warm in the house and induce the autumn atmosphere. The two blankets from the sofa invite you to take a nap on the comfortable couch on a cold and windy autumn afternoon.

Autumnal living room design, in a blue pale atmosphere. The living room has a white spacious fireplace, and its mantle has an elegant mirror and some autumn decorations of green and reddish leaves, a large white sofa which perfectly matched to the fireplace. A round brown wood table and other autumnal decorations create a contrast with the rest of the room. The living has light and elegance.

A bedroom, decorated in the autumn’s colors. The bed is made up of wood in natural color and the bed clothes are imprinted with reddish autumnal leaves and red pillows. There is a small night table made from wicker, nice and cozy, providing intimacy to the room. Black bean frames for pictures are hanging on the traditional brown walls. The cinnamon floor has a white carpet near the bed. It is an authentic autumnal bedroom.

A large bathroom in discrete of an autumn’s beginning. There is a lot of space here, conferred by the white ceiling with spot lights, the copper walls and the mirrors hung on the walls. The cinnamon furniture is practical and the huge bathtub has a frame of medium carmine sand stone. A big white carpet, imitating the sand stone’s model completes the elegance from this room.

There is the entrance into an elegant dining room. The doors wide opened, the sun light penetrates into the room. The ceiling and walls are in wood, in light autumnal colors, the floor is in wood, too, but in it is saddle brown. There is a big beige carpet with a reddish frame of the floor and a family table set for a pleasant lunch. The fireplace is immured and has a stone frame but the different brown shades provide an autumnal atmosphere.

This is a spacious living room in the colors of autumn. Desert walls, large antique brass sofa with vivid colored pillows, an orange large armchair and two other burly wood ones, a large orange carpet covering the floor and a rectangular brown wood table in the middle, with a plate full of green apples complete the autumnal atmosphere. The fireplace offers light and coziness in the long cold autumn evenings, when the white library invites you to read a good book by the fire.

This is a cozy rustic bedroom. Many lights on the earth yellow painting of the walls enlighten the atmosphere. There are some wood girders on the ceiling as in a chalet. The furniture is simple: a bed covered with a reddish bed clothe, a chocolate drawer and two small night drawers in the same warm color of earth, a beige armchair and some mirrors on the walls. The floor is made of coconut sand stone.

A sophisticated living room, with wainscoted vanilla walls. It has a little camel coach, two small dark brown tables, two leather armchairs in ginger color and a square wood table with sculpted legs.  The room is an ample combination between a living room and a library, with shelves on one wall for the TV set and some books. The floor is all covered with a camel carpet. This is an authentic room for rest in light and mild autumn colors.

A cozy autumn interior corner of a living room. It is painted in French bistre and green, a combination which reminds of autumn.  There is a big picture on one wall, perfectly matched with the wall’s color. A white armchair, white curtains and a white sofa enlighten the room and an orange library placed on the green wall creates the image of rusty leaves in an October forest.

Here it is a long parlor, full of light, ending in a living room. There is a white armchair inviting you to rest and the rustic log placed by the armchair makes an original imitation of a rustic table. The brown wood floor is covered with a long desert carpet with small flowers. At the edge of the parlor there are a desk and two orange armchairs. A big desert sand stove and some reddish flowers ornament complete the autumnal atmosphere.

The same image, this time viewed from the opposite corner.  You can admire the desk, made up from wood, with metallic legs, and a beautiful bunch of orange-red autumn flowers. There is an open window covered by an orange curtain. You can also see a white and comfortable armchair and a log as a book support.  The walls are blue pale like the serene sky.

A splendid bedroom in different nuances of brown and orange, a perfect combination imitating the splendor of autumn. The floor is from sienna wood, and the bed has a Chinese red color, covered by a sienna blanket. The walls are painted in a mild sunset color, having wallpaper with autumn reddish leaves over the bed. A round little wood table completes the romantic autumnal atmosphere.

This is a cozy library, book shelves on one wall, a big fireplace, some wide windows with chocolate brown curtains, embedded into a tangerine wall. The umber coach is large and comfortable, placed by the fireplace. There are some tangerine chairs in front of it, a nice tangerine chair with a pumpkin pillow and many lights. The ceiling is redwood; it is an authentic autumn interior!

This is one corner from a living room, presenting a real autumn atmosphere! Chestnut walls, with a big painting, seal brown coach, a small brown table, a tall glass vase containing yellow autumn flowers, a round table and brown carpet with geometrical figures and a big lamp, hanging from the ceiling.

Just a big black fireplace, two small chairs in natural wood, a pail with some logs for a gorgeous fire. It certainly is a part from a big living room, decorated in autumn colors. The walls are copper; the carpet on the floor is peach-orange. The fireplace’s mantle has plants on black flower pots and the atmosphere is romantic.

This is a spacious and elegant bedroom, with a medieval atmosphere. The bad is covered with an apricot blanket, it has pillows imitating a sofa. There is a big frame imitating a window over the bed, with a chandelier. The walls have a paper wall in the same apricot color, imitating a shelled wall. There are books everywhere and autumn fruits on a small in front of the bed.

A modern and simple living room, with two walls consisting in windows, which provide light to the room.  The furniture consists in a small white sofa with many comfortable pillows, a few chairs, a small square table and a deck chair with a blanket in autumnal colors. The carpet in khaki and there are many flowerpots in the room. The ceiling contrasts the lightness of the room by its brown color.

There is a beautiful and spacious living room, wide space and bright colors. Two doors with wood brown frames offer a perspective over the outside garden. A square brown wood table in the middle of the room, a white sofa, and four armchairs, two orange ones and two in the color of mustard bring inside the autumn from exterior. The ceiling is white and it has brown girders as in a chalet. The room is a combination between elegance and rusticity.

This living room impresses by elegance. It is painted in discrete nuances of sand, having a wheat leather sofa and an armchair in the same color and material. Everything in the room is made with good taste. There is a square glass table in front of the sofa, the fire is burning into the fireplace, and a sofa stands in front of the window providing another space for relaxation. The windows has copper blinds the light is discrete.

Another splendid and spacious living room. It is white with large windows and a big fireplace, with a mirror over the mantle. The floor is copper and the carpet beige. There are two elegant contrasting chairs (a white one and a grey one), a small round table with a flower vase, full of orange and reddish autumn flowers. An easel installed in the room increases elegance.

It is a mint wall, contrasting with the earth yellow colors of the straws by the fireplace. There is also a little table support, in brown wood on the other side of the fireplace. The carpet is gold and the fire from the fireplace heats the atmosphere. The straws remind us of the autumn’s richness.

This living room is placed in the attic. It is, in fact, a penthouse, with inclined and unfinished wood, wood walls painted in white and a brown wood floor. The room is rustic. It has two brown chairs, decorated with pillows in autumn’s colors, a sofa with the same decorations and a small square table in the middle. There is also a pumpkin reminding you the autumn outside and some yellow – reddish leaves in a vase.  Wide window and an interesting picture with a giant spider complete the scenery.

This living room has orange walls, like the autumn leaves in a wood. One couch is gold, the other one is white. Both of them have decoration pillows colored in orange and reddish. The table is round and brown, there are two small chairs, everything on a carpet with red circles. The autumnal scenery is to be noticed.

An ample dining room, combined with a kitchen in autumnal colors. Brown and chocolate nuances on the walls, brown furniture, a large leather sofa with many wheat pillows, brown floor and a black table. All of them are earth colors. They are combined with some green plants.  You can also notice the kitchen in the same nuances. The place looks warm and cozy.

This is the living room from a big villa. Downstairs there is a spacious room, with brown polished wood. The walls are painted in peach orange. The furniture in brown and chocolate, with a round table with chairs, a bar, small details like plants from the pots and red flowers in a huge vase remind of autumn’s colors. The fire from the fireplace offers an air of melancholy. There are lamps and lights everywhere, creating a mild, ward atmosphere.

Here is a nice, full of intimacy bedroom. The walls are white. There are only a few pieces of furniture: a bed dressed up in pale brown bed clothes, a small round table near the bed, supporting a white lamp and a white flowerpot with some white autumn flowers. There is a mirror over the bed, with a white frame. Everything is clean and the fallow carpet imitating a leopard’s fur provides personality to the room.

A cozy and warm autumn interior of a living room, with a nice fire burning powerfully into the fireplace. A sunset and comfortable sofa is placed by the fire, many pillows in autumnal colors an orange rose and a basket full of shells, reminding summer and creating the autumn melancholy. There are two armchairs installed near the fireplace, a mantle with roses on it: the autumn is here!

This living room is not too large. Its walls are orange like pumpkins. There are a large comfortable white sofa with different autumn colored pillows, a large white armchair placed by the fireplace and another one, in nuances of brown and yellow, offering light. The light comes from the lamps, too and the autumn flowers situated on the mantle cheer up the atmosphere.

This is a November bedroom, with a white and fluffy carpet like the first snow. The blanket from the bed is a fur and every pillow is covered with fur. The walls are black in the attempt of creating a contrast with the whiteness of the carpet. Beige curtains, the fireplace and its mantle with autumn flowers bring autumn into the room.

A living room in autumnal colors. Old gold walls, pumpkin  orange sofa, tan carpet and a lot of autumn ornaments: orange pillows, armchairs in different nuances of brown and orange, camel carpet, pictures with paintings like flames, in the color of fire, a big orange and green bunch of autumn flowers and a seal brown library make the room appear cozy and relaxing.

This represents one corner of a room, with a sofa placed by the window, a place to relax and read a good book. The sofa is apricot and the walls of the entire room is auburn.  The presence of one wall in stripes gives the room originality. There are a small table and two chairs near the sofa. The carpet imitates a leopard fur and the colors are in full harmony one with each other and together with the autumn outside.

A living room image seen from upside. It is an ample perspective. The room has tall white walls, with a fireplace embedded into the wall, having a white mantle with candles, logs for fire and a beautiful painting. Two armchairs sitting by the nice and warm fire, with a black little table between them, another wood table with autumn flowers and a small white sofa covered with red pillows. Everything has the colors of autumn.

This living room has white walls imitating the river stones. It probably has a fireplace because there are logs prepared for the fire. A leather brown sofa and a brown and old coffer, serving as a table, a brown old table behind the sofa, this is the furniture. It is an old atmosphere in nuances of brown.

You can spend a lovely afternoon in this quiet and warm living room. It is simple and rustic. There is a white sofa covered with a rustic blanket in the autumn’s colors, a small table with fruits and two armchairs in shapes of orange, white and brown. A nice warm fire is burning into the fireplace. There are two large windows and a reddish carpet which complete the calm atmosphere of the afternoon siesta.

A modern spacious living room in which the sandy brown carpet with white flowers and the brown curtains, combined with the yellow flowers from the table suggest autumn.  There are two comfortable white coaches, two white armchairs and a white large table among them all. The wainscoted walls are ecru, with three paintings, which, like a big puzzle, combined made up a horse. The floor is blue and the contrast between colors creates an original atmosphere.

An authentic autumn background! A living room with a comfortable apricot coach, covered up by orange pillows and blanket, an apricot armchair, placed on a desert sand carpet, a table full of books and the big fireplace with a white mantle, the perfect scenery for autumn. There are white gourds beaded on the mantle, together with vases full of autumn branches. This is a melancholic room, for dreaming.

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