on October 31, 2020

35 Light and Cozy Purple Interior Design Ideas

The color of violets is made from the combination between red and blue colors, symbolizing the union between wisdom and love, collected all together.

So, check out these great purple interior designs that and let us know which one is your favorite! Also, for more inspiring ideas check out 20 Romantic Interior Design Ideas: A Touch of Red Inspiration, and if you love a light room the 30 Gorgeous Yellow Interior Design Ideas might have what you’re looking for.

This is a purple living room, with the walls painted in floral nuances of light lavender. The ceiling is white and tall, the floor is covered with a grey carpet. The furniture is quite vintage, consisting in white and elegant tall chairs, a white sofa in the same style, a small table between them and a vase with lavender tulips, in theme with the walls. The carpet in also white and the atmosphere is sweet as the color itself.

This is another violet interior, having different nuances of violet.  The walls are something between heliotrope and lavender and the floor is made up of natural wood and it borrows the wall’s color. The sofa is also lavender and simple and the chair is in black leather, very elegant. The whole atmosphere of the room is serene and calm.

A superb bedroom, in pale purple nuances! It relaxes you from the beginning! A white room, with a white carpet and thistle large matrimonial bed, lavender pillows to mark a contrast, lavender curtains and an elegant and peaceful bunch of white tulips on a small table near the bed. A square plum picture on the wall completes the serene atmosphere.

This is an astonishing white and purple living room, with white walls, offering space and some purple details with strong but serene personality. The floor is also white but the carpet is thick and purple. There are also some violet decorations on the walls. The furniture is completely white and very elegant. This is a simple, elegant and stylish room.

Another white living room, this time one wall is painted in beaver shade of brown for contrast. the interior is ample, having a white round chandelier, Byzantium sofa for one corner and another one, in the same color, emphasized by the beaver wall. The pillows are in shades of brown, the carpet is large and white, some discrete light spots and lot of elegance dominate the room.

A complete purple bedroom! It has walls and floor and furniture painted in shades of purple. Heliotrope, orchid, and wisteria join together into a perfect combination. They create relaxation and idyllic peace. The room is spacious, with a large purple bed, one single purple wall and Byzantium intimate curtains. Spot lights provide an intimate and secret red nuances.

A very elegant living room, with a white and cozy sofa for two, offering relaxation and peace, an indigo wall with white spot lights like tulips on it and white grit stone. There are some rose quartz and Byzantium curtains, delimiting the space with the sofa from the rest of the house. A huge crystal lamp like a flower increases elegance of the room.

An intimate purple corner of a room. The brown color of the walls is predominant and it creates a contrast with the purple color of the curtains. The predominant nuance of the floor and furniture is a pale lavender blush. There is an elegant chair borrowing the same pale nuance. The room looks cozy and peaceful.

A real imperial purple nuance of a living room! It is a room with a white fireplace, placed on a lavender wall. The rest of the walls are imperial, the floor is thistle and the carpet is purple. The small leather table has the same nuance as the carpet. The sofa is thistle, but covered with purple pillows. The room creates intimacy and peace.

This is a living room like a museum! A dark goldenrod leather coach, with a Lila pillow on it, perfectly matches the purple wall behind. There are a lot of flower paintings on the wall, fact that creates a spring fresh atmosphere. The floor is brown, simple with no carpet and the room is very spacious.

This looks like a bedroom’s corner. It is a spacious room, with tan floor, discrete lavender walls and curtains in the same nuance. The furniture has the pale lavender shape and the timber wolf carpet is round. There are two timber wolf chairs and a huge princess’s mirror near the window. Painted in pale colors, the interior suggests calm, serene love and peace.

This image demonstrates you that purple is a color not only for bedrooms, but for kitchens, too! A huge and modern equipped kitchen, painted in a combination of cold grey and intimate purple. It increases the room’s personality; it offers space and creates an intimate background for a family dinner.

Purple is a good color for a bathroom, too. Here is a bathroom in nuances of purple and grey. The floor is covered with grey grit stone, the walls are purple and there is a frame for the mirror, made up of square small pottery, purple and lavender, like a chess table, a detail which provides life and cheerfulness to the bathroom.

This is a beautiful blue – purple bedroom! The walls are in a sweet shape of light indigo, the door has a pale nuance silver pink. A huge white and indigo carpet covers the floor. There is a white bed covered with an indigo bed clothe and a small round night table. The atmosphere is one of intimacy and calm.

A splendid and peaceful purple bedroom! The room is spacious, the walls are painted in a translucent purple mountain majesty color, and the carpet is even paler. The matrimonial bed is wide, white with dark indigo edge. The curtains are beige with black well contoured edges. Some small details like a vase with violet tulips, a light eggplant chair and large windows make this room to emit sensitiveness and delicacy.

Another purple bedroom, this time the atmosphere is more serious, but full of elegance and stylish. The room is large, with walls combining plum and lavender. The ceiling is paler in order to confer space. Violet decors, a huge fire on a wall, the thick beige carpet and the huge chandelier over the bed create an atmosphere of intimacy.

This bedroom is spacious and well-defined by the combination of two nuances: shades of brown and shades of purple.  There are ecru walls and purple walls. The bed clothes are café au lait, white and purple. There is a purple chair at the bed’s legs. A tall lamp lights the room and offers shadows, intimacy and calm.

A purple living room, dressed into a Lila suave light. There is a comfortable purple sofa in front of the window, many pillows in different purple nuances on ii. Two vanilla armchairs make a contrast with the purple of the whole room.  A purple round chair on the floor, some suave flowers on a vase and the purple curtains invite you to lay on the sofa and dream of spring.

And here it is a purple room for a little girl. The walls are pink and the heart-shaped lamp from the ceiling has a great effect over the room’s atmosphere. The bed is pink and the bedclothes are purple. There are flowers in nuances of pink and purples, a cheerful pink carpet with Lila, red and yellow flowers and some shelves serving for toy’s support. The curtains are purple, too. This is an ideal room for girls!

This is a living room as seen from one corner. You can notice the ample windows with red violet transparent curtains. The walls are purple, the floor brown and the ceiling is white. This is a perfect contrast between colors which creates a strong feeling of order, calm and equilibrium. There is also a white comfortable and thick carpet on the floor.

A splendid and cozy purple bedroom! Walls are wainscoted with floral lavender tapestry. The curtains are in the same color, but with a cheerful model. The bed is thistle, with purple and pink pillows as a décor. Even the carpet is lavender blush. The atmosphere is intimate and invites you to dream and just be happy.

This is an authentic bedroom for girls! The whole room is a combination of purple spots and stripes. The walls are wisteria, with white spots, which provide cheerfulness and also an idyllic atmosphere. The bedclothes are thistle, with stripes; the pillows have different purple models. The furniture is simple. There is a white table near the bed, a white lamp on it. Every girl would be happy to live or hide her teenage secrets in such a room!

What a wonderful and relaxing bathroom! The design is very modern. The walls are white, offering space; white grit stone, white and black flower ribbons on the walls and dark lavender lamps with an interesting design, hanging from the white ceiling. There is a sink in the same dark lavender color and the bathtub is round and grey. The blue carpet is in perfect harmony with the rest of the room.

24. (30) From bathroom to a purple and beautiful kitchen! Walls, ceiling and floor are flooded in a floral lavender color. The light from outside provides an air of freshness. The room is a combination between living and kitchen, having bookshelves, TV set and a whole equipment for kitchen. Everything is lavender, except the kitchen furniture, which is white. This is a perfect room for a happy family.

A modern combination of living room and kitchen, with shades of purple. The walls are white, illuminated by many spot lights placed in different corners and positions. The kitchen furniture is purple and there is a purple chair for relaxation, sitting on a black elegant carpet. The contrast between purple, white and black provides personality and elegance to the room.

This is a purple living room with a fireplace. The walls are covered in wallpaperes in lavender web, with white roses. There are a lavender couch covered with purple pillows, a purple chair and a white armchair, in perfect harmony with the whole room. The carpet is white and the atmosphere serene.

A beautiful and romantic bedroom for teenager girls! Walls are thistle, butterflies are flying! There is only one wall painted in magenta and the bed is in the same color. The carpet is dark purple and the floor is purple, too. The furniture is simple: a desk, with pink roses, in harmony with the rest of the room, two white small chairs, and a round table. Purple makes you think you are dreaming!

This is a small and cozy living room, white walls and furniture, with purple shades decorations. The room has plenty of light. The carpet is white, too. But there is a purple table in the middle of the room and the couch has some lavender pillows which increase the effect of serenity and peace in the room. The brown library from one corner invites you to read and relax.

This is a large purple bedroom. The walls are plum. There are some white paintings, representing pink flowers, perfectly matching with the walls’ color. The bed clothes and the curtains are lavender. The rest of the furniture is white, but the thick carpet is purple, too. The bedroom is very romantic and peaceful.

This is a multifunctional living room in shades of purple. The space is large. There is a table for dinner in one corner of the room. In the other corner there is a purple coach and an interesting chair for relaxation. The carpet and the lamp are pink. There is one orchid wall near the table. The rest of the walls are lion and the curtains are camel. The colors match one to each other creating a whole space for relaxation.

This space represents a bedroom in shades of purple. The room is ample, with orchid walls. There are many spot lights providing a romantic atmosphere. The bed is grey dark, in contrast with the serenity of the walls. The night table is grey dark, too. The carpet is café au lait and provides equilibrium to the room.

This is a living dashing living room, embracing many different shades of colors. One sky blue wall shelters a purple sofa. Another sand colored wall imitates bricks and sheltered a TV set. There is a white sofa, too and a round white table into the room. The lamps are indigo and the chandelier is round, with a modern design. This is an interesting living room with a lot of personality.

Wow! This would be the perfect exclamation when you enter this bathroom! It is huge, white walls, black furniture. It has a big bathtub into the white grit stoned floor and a nice leather eggplant colored carpet near it, just to sit there, drink a glass of wine and relax. There is a purple armchair, too and some lavender curtains, completing the atmosphere.

This bedroom is cozy and with lot of intimacy. The wall behind the bed is painted in dark oxford blue. The large matrimonial bed is from wood, but the bed clothes are plum, many plum and blue pillows covering it. The window is large with dark oxford blue curtains. A perfect dreaming atmosphere for a bedroom!

This is a nice and elegant living room in shades of purple and grey. There is one wall wallpapered in lavender with stripes, providing vertical height to the room. The sofa is grey with blue. There are armchairs in shades of grey and one of them is purple. The carpet is grey and the curtains are purple, too. The big chandelier hanging from the ceiling provides an old romantic atmosphere.

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