24 Beautiful Thanksgiving Table Settings

Thanksgiving is getting closer day by day so we have to get prepared to welcome our friends in a great setting, with autumn inspired decorations. So, because we know that you’ll soon start preparing for this 2012 Thanksgiving, we have gathered some great table setting decorations perfect for those who want to bring the autumn’s spirit inside their houses.

An important thing to remember is that though decorating your table with food is very important, accessorizing your entertaining space and the dining area with autumn and holiday inspired decor can bring in holiday spirit, which is the most important aspect.

We invite you to enjoy autumn’s abundance admiring these 24 inspired table settings, perfect for a great Thanksgiving or maybe an everyday autumn dinner:

Enjoy this large wood table from an airy living room! The table is set for guests. It abounds in rich details. There are bottles of red and white autumn wine, huge plates containing snacks under big and transparent glass bells and huge glass vases filled with yellow candles and autumnal fruits abundance.

Here you may enjoy a detail from a table set for an autumn cold evening. The light is mild, in autumnal colors. There is a table cloth in the corn color. There are ceramics brown, orange or green plates (some of them like leaves), cobs as adornments and glasses full with red autumn wine. A real table of abundance!

What an elegant table set for special guests! There is a white table cloth, set with white delicate porcelain plates having an autumnal reddish leaf as adornment. Wine crystal glasses are set on the table and among them there are white small candles and orange-reddish autumn flowers, creating intimacy and elegance.

Here is another table set for guests. The same elegance is offered by the white table cloth and the special café au lait plates. There are napkins tied with a chocolate lace with an autumn yellow oak leaf in their middle. The great autumnal adornment in the middle of the table (orange and yellow candles and autumnal fruits) completes the intimate atmosphere.

This is a perfectly autumnal décor, a table set in the autumn’s colors. There are brown napkins, plates with green edges, cups painted with orange pumpkins and a special flowers arrangement. There are some branches with little orange pumpkins, red, green and orange fruits and flowers reminding of the autumn outside.

You can admire a table set outside, among reddish trees. There is a wooden table, a rustic atmosphere with plates of fruits, green glasses and a flower arrangement in the middle of the table, with white flowers and red apples, reminding you autumn’s richness and plenitude.

This is one of my favorites because it’s so simple and absolutely gorgeous!  Just look what you can do with a bunch of leafs touched by the autumn’s grace, some simple white candles and small pieces of wood as support. The great thing about this table setting is that you can actually do it yourself, get creative and enjoy the results!

Another table set for guests in open space! It is rustic and the autumn’s mildness in the air inspires you. Brown wooden table, some white plateaus with orange pumpkins and yellow leaves, a fruit pie in the middle of the table, here is a complete domestic autumnal landscape. You can serve lunch and admire the garden in the same time.

This table has elegance and distinction because of the plates. They are from porcelain, with folk brown ornaments. There are red little candles spread on the table, bowls with autumn apples, pears and nuts, a big orange pumpkin and some autumn leaves providing plenitude and richness.

This table is set for special guests, in an airy living room. There is a wooden table (wood is warm and tender), set with tableware, in a romantic autumnal atmosphere. Autumn is on the table, in the candle lights, in the elegant richness of the fruits and the yellow leaves from the middle of the table. Glasses are waiting to be filled with the autumn wine.

This is a rustic autumn ornament, which could be used in every ordinary family lunch or dinner. White elegant tableware, with floral traceries is set on a nest made from branches, originally imitating a bird’s nest. The spoon and knife have wooden handles and there are red leaves on the nest. This is a very original and simple table adornment.

This picture presents a huge, long table, elegantly set for special guests. It may be a perfect arrangement for a ceremony. Chocolate table cloth with beige nuances, golden tableware and crystal glasses perfectly match the atmosphere. Flower vases everywhere, with one candy apple red colored tulip are regularly placed on the table and a bowl with small orange pumpkins reminds of autumn.

Melancholy is in the air and the table is set outside this time. There is autumn everywhere. In the orange tablecloth, in the orange pumpkins which adorn the table, in the yellow and orange candles and the bunch of beautiful fire like leaves from the middle of the table. There are white and mustard plates on the table, orange napkins, and a perfect autumnal landscape!

A dinner in a romantic atmosphere may be organized as in this picture. A simple table, white napkins and clay tableware in autumnal colors (burnt orange, cadmium, green and chocolate). There are dishes like leaves and bowls imitating autumn fruits. There is also a huge plateau with grapes, pears and apples symbolizing autumn’s richness.

This is a romantic table set for special occasions. Romantic candles and dishes with autumnal models and colors, scarlet glasses and chrysanthemum spread all over the table, a romantic cooler with a bottle of champagne, a dark night outside and the picture is completed!

This picture describes a wide living room, with a black table especially set to create an autumnal atmosphere. There are table clothes with pumpkins and leaves, white simple plates with autumnal napkins and small bags for little surprises. Orange pumpkins for décor and glasses with red wine provide a plentiful autumn atmosphere.

Another table set in an autumnal atmosphere, in which small details provide a romantic and plentiful atmosphere. An arrangement made of fir-tree cones, with little pumpkins and reddish leaves embodies autumn. Combined with the elegance of the white plates and napkins leads to a romantic autumnal atmosphere.

This image represents a table for an intimate family dinner in an autumnal atmosphere. The table is brown with chocolate table cloths. White plates enlighten the whole picture. The dark red flowers on the table match the table cloth and the candle in the middle of the table creates a romantic evening.

This is a traditional table, very vivid because of the red tonalities and the huge bunch of autumnal flowers placed in the middle of the table. The combination between white and dark pastel red, or even dark red of the tableware, provides distinction and elegance.

It is not necessary to have a big table for a fine dinner or lunch. Here is a round small table, very cozy, set in red and green shades of autumn. Plates are set on familiar napkins with red squares; there are simple tableware and a few decorations in orange and green which provide the autumnal romantic atmosphere.

This living room is decorated in an authentic autumnal décor. The table has white table cloth and some napkins with yellow and orange decorations. The plates are white and placed on an orange support like a huge chrysanthemum, each plate having an orange pumpkin on it. Two vases with straws and some orange decorations tied up by the chandelier complete the autumnal atmosphere.

Here is the splendor of the autumn! The tables from this restaurant are burning with orange, yellow and red flames of flowers! There is a romantic atmosphere, with candles everywhere, simple tableware and romantic glasses, a real autumn inspired table setting!

This is an orange table cloth with white big pumpkins. The pumpkins match the table cloth being decorated with orange branches. The candles are orange and the candles offer a mild and discrete light. This is a romantic but simple table in autumnal colors.

Here we come to the final autumnal table setting, a decoration with pumpkins as flower pots, filled with autumn orange, red and yellow flowers and leaves. They are mingles with red candles which spread a discrete and warm light, creating a romantic atmosphere.

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