An Interesting Shell Penthouse in Madrid, Boasting Green Spaces and Captivating Decors

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This Penthouse is designed by ÁBATON Arquitects and located in Madrid, Spain. The penthouse in situated in a circular building and makes you feel like in the shell of a snail. But there is an abundance of natural light inside and there are even small pieces of natural ornamental garden planted and domesticated inside.

All the access areas to this property were conceived as outdoor spaces to increase the sensation of privacy and isolation’’, tell the architects. The predominant color is white, increasing wideness of the spaces and cleanliness. Every room is bright and full of peace and calm. There are plants on the terraces and a minimalist design of the interior, charming wooden furniture pieces. Among modern and elegant pieces of furniture some wooden unwrought wooden details bring the wildness of nature inside and create a contrast with the peaceful white world of the interiors. The pools offer perspective opening the horizon and allowing you to dream to a serene and free world.

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