Wonderful B&N House by A-cero

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This house is designed by A-cero and it is a magnificent home, with a renewed external image and a modern interior full of light. The house is like a huge bungalow, placed in the middle of a green garden.

The swimming pool greets you with a mass of blue, offering a splendid view of the house. The bedrooms are placed on the top floor. The floor has a master bedroom with dressing and bathroom and two bedroom suites, one for children and the other one for guests. Seen from
inside you have the strange impression of being in a huge space ship, ready to follow the travel of your life. Downstairs there is the dining room, a large space with white walls and white floor, a space invaded by modern furniture, with large windows which allows the light to penetrate the room and to enlighten the interior.There is another space for watching TV and a library, a sort of reading area just for relaxation and peace, enhanced by the presence of the fireplace. In addition to this large family space for recreation the kitchen completes the picture. The large windows surrounding the living space lead to the beautiful garden outside and create the same strange
impression of being in a huge space ship, impression enhanced by the modernity of the furniture around.

It is a perfect house for relaxation surrounded by exotic landscape.

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