Winter Inspiration: 30 White and Elegant Interior Designs

The white is for sure one of the most used colors in interior designs, especially in the contemporary and minimalist design where a great focus is put on the black & white combination. It works extremely well in combination with all kind of colors, and the way how everything else seems to complement the house and the other colors stand out it’s just impressive.

White is the perfect choice if you want to create an elegant design with clean lines or simply if you want to have an airy and bright interior décor, but you have to be careful because if it’s used improperly it could provide a cold and stark environment.  Take a look at these 30 gorgeous white interior designs, that are in a perfect resemblance with the cold winter when everything is white and snowy outside.

Here is a huge white living room. There are black armchairs and a black leather coach, for recreation. There is a large black table in the middle with black chairs, a small library embedded into the wall, a wall with black design for contrast. The room is spacious and the contrast between black and white provides elegance.

This is an attic in white. White walls, white floor and windows embedded into the ceiling, offering light and space. The living room has a white coach, a white and fluffy carpet, wooden furniture. But there are small decorations and a black carpet only for contrast. Some white lilies in a vase, white tulips on the small table provide elegance and peace.

This is a special outside space, with a relaxing swimming pool. There is a white tent near the pool with white tables and white couches ensuring elegance and a relaxing atmosphere. Among green trees and vegetation, with some lamps hanging over the tables, the space is a paradise corner.

An exceptional and unique combination between white and firelight from the fireplace! The night seen through the glass wall emphasizes peace and relaxation from the white interior, animated by the firelight. There are white chairs, white sofas, white decorations and pale lamps’ lights, a real oasis of peace!

As you can notice, a white kitchen always seems clean, peaceful and elegant. The walls are completely white, but there is a black painting on one wall which creates a contrast. The table is black and elegant, but the sink is white. There is a bunch of colored flowers like a spot of color in a sea of white.

This is a white living room in which elegance is assured by the white sofa and the white piano in one corner of the room. The floor is also white; there are white orchards everywhere in the room. A wall is painted in shapes of red. One red chair assures the contrast and emphasizes life in this room. Otherwise it would be a room of calm and peace.

The same living room, seen from an angle which emphasizes the purity of the orchards and the contrast between whiteness of the room and the red chair from the corner. The chair is a color spot. The peace of the living room is assured by the white floor, too and the whiteness of the walls.

In this living room white is used as a neutral fond for emphasizing the plum carpet and the green chairs. They are spots of color and induce a vivid atmosphere in the room. The walls are white increasing the impression of space and increasing light. There are only few pieces of furniture, a small white table with white chairs and a white lamp with green chairs around it.

This room looks like the interior of a cruise ship. You expect to see the ocean through the windows which surround the room. The interior in pure white, white ceiling, white furniture and grey carpet. There is a black armchair, just for contrast. The white floor leads you upstairs on some white staircase. You can sail in peace in your dreams, on the earth’s oceans in this room!

This is an image from a white and spacious living room. The room has a fireplace and a white bed placed in front of it. You may relax and warm your body and dreams in the cold winter nights. The walls are completely white, and the floor is made up of white sand stone. It creates space and the large glass window allows you to admire the view.

This is a nice and cozy living room in white. The white sofa is comfortable. There is an ornamental tree beside the sofa, offering life and personality. The blue armchair and the black small table in the middle of the room ensure contrast and personality to the room. The elegant curtain and the huge white leaves chandelier complete the elegance in this living room.

This is a large living room with a nice and cozy fireplace. The elegance of the room is ensured by the white color of the walls and floor. There are a few colored paintings on the walls. The sofa is in black leather and there is one black chair into the room, for contrast. The black dog in the middle of the room is delightful and creates a contrast, too!

Every housewife would like to have such a clean and large kitchen! The walls and the floor are white. There is one round white table surrounded by white chairs. The whole furniture is white and the contrast in ensured by the ornaments. White gives space and ensures a peaceful atmosphere.

This is another aspect from one spacious living room in white. We can notice the white of the walls and the white floor, ensuring space to the room. There are a small black table and some black flower pots which provide a contrast and elegance to the room.

Not only the white living rooms are elegant! Look at this white elegant bathroom! It has walls painted in white and white furniture. Even the bath tub is completely white, with white towels. The big elegant mirror induces majesty. The floor is brown and offers contrast.

This is a fine white bedroom which looks like a queens’ boudoir. The room has a white bed, covered with white table cloths, in Louis XV style, white chairs and a wooden night table. White here offers peace, calm and a relaxing atmosphere. The room is spacious and ends with a corner for relaxation and a large window which allows you to admire the garden.

This is a small white table in white wood, with a white and elegant chair, in front of a large white window, allowing you to admire the panorama. This living room has tall and white walls and a grey floor, contrasting the whiteness of the rest of the room. There is a nice and elegant chandelier hanging over the ceiling, with black arms. The room is very elegant and peaceful.

This is a corner of a spacious white living room. You can notice the white walls and white floor, offering space, liberty of thinking and meditation. There is also a white round table, surrounded by white chairs, near the large window and a small library inviting you to relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

Two white images invite you to admire in parallel a living room and a bathroom. The walls of the bathroom are painted in white and the floor has white sand stone, too. The furniture is completely white and provides cleanliness. The living room is completely white, with a large and comfortable white sofa, offering space and peace. This is a peaceful corner for relaxation.

This is a white and spacious living room in Louis XV style. There are large windows, an elegant white sofa and some white chairs in the room. The furniture is completely white. The whiteness of the room creates a visual impression of sensitive pink transparency. Everything provides good taste and peace.

A bedroom for babies in white is the most peaceful and relaxing place on earth. This room is an attic, with two white little beds, covered with happy bed cloths. There is one little white armchair, a white sofa full of multicolored toys and a joyful little carpet in white and red squares which provide color to the room.

This is a completely white kitchen: white walls, white floor, and white furniture. The kitchen is well equipped and the fact that even the furniture is white provides space and offers cleanliness and a peaceful and quiet atmosphere. There is a white chandelier hanging over from the ceiling which provides elegance.

This is a fragment from another white and great living room, in Louis XV style. Tall room, white walls, white doors and a white distinguished fireplace, very elegant, with a huge mirror and a white mantle. The mantle is adorned with white decorations and candles; there is a white table in front of the fireplace, sitting on a white, elegant carpet. Only the floor is in natural wood color for contrast.

A very original kitchen, having a big glass wall opened to a green and beautiful garden. The kitchen is white, with white furniture and white sand stone on the floor. It opens to the garden, which creates a contrast with the whiteness of the kitchen. There are small details for contrast, as example the vase with red flowers.

Here is a modern and original bedroom in white and black. The walls are white and the bed cloth is black and white, with geometrical models. The carpet is also black and white, offering personality to the room. But the modernity is strengthened by the presence of yellow in some yellow decorations on the wall and a yellow chair. The yellow color provides joy and intimacy.

This is a white and elegant living room. The walls are tall and white, with modern and delicate chandelier. The carpet is thick and white and the furniture (a comfortable and modern sofa and two white chairs like shells) is white, too. The wall behind the sofa has a black edge to create a contrast. The room has distinction and the white square table with some red ornaments makes it intimate and cozy.

In this image we have a detail from the same room as previous, enhancing the modernity of the sofa and the distinction offered by the small square white table with red flowers on it. There is a huge black painting on the wall, contrasting with the whiteness of the room. A small red chair in the corner looks elegant and the huge white curtains filter the light.

This room demonstrates us how a white bedroom could offer a cozy but distinguished atmosphere in the same time! There is a big window covered by white curtains, a white carpet and a comfortable and modern white bed, in grey nuances of the table cloth. The Buda statue in front of the bed and the sensitive white orchard from the vase increase intimacy and elegance.

This is a modern white living room. The space is well-distributed. There is a comfortable white coach in one corner, but there is another one in the opposite corner of the room. There are two distinguished spaces in the room. White carpets, white modern chairs and some red pictures on the walls, together with a green plant provide elegance and peace.

This is a huge living room in white. The open space, the whiteness of the walls and of the furniture provides purity and texture, creating peace. There are large windows offering light and a brown wall with a fireplace which provide a contrast and offers intimacy. The room looks huge and clean, with a serene atmosphere.

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