Surprising Underground Residence in Switzerland

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This is a surprising underground home from Switzerland, designed by SEARCH and Christian Muller Architects. Situated in the Swiss village of Vals, deep in the mountains, the house is very hard to spot. Seen from upside the residence looks like a huge hole in the ground, a bunker or a tunnel, placed among green vegetation and among other normal houses.

The entrance is a wide oval opening that you are driven to by some traditional stairs made in stone. Those stairs serve as a house yard. You can stay on their steps reading a good book, relaxing and enjoying the beautiful view surrounding. Many large windows forming a whole wall as a shop window draw attention to the inside decor. The place includes all the facilities a common house has, such as guest room, an entertainment area and specialized interiors like an underground pathway. The rooms are large and they benefit of modern furniture, being well equipped and very comfortable.

There is a mixture among tradition and modernism in the whole interior space of the house. It is full of personality and very cosy, in spite of its original position into the ground, making you feel comfortable and safe.

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