Kohara Lodge, Bringing the Nature Inside the House

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Kohara Lodge designed by Murray Cockburn Partnership is located in Queenstone, New Zealand. It is an unusual, out of pattern house, located in a splendid mountain environment.  If you take a look to the house from the hill behind it you cannot realize its presence. The herbs and vegetation come closer to the roof.

The architects succeeded to create a house connected with nature and at some points their building is even mixed with nature. The landscape is splendid and the house has large windows allowing the beauty of the landscape to flow into the house and to bring inside nature’s freshness. The house features three bathrooms, four bedrooms, an open living room, a large kitchen and an impressive pool, a spa area and a fireplace. The space is ample, there are lights everywhere making the interior looking like a burning candle in the power of the mountain nights. The predominant colors are the shades of brown, the warm colors of wood and white, in deep harmony with the astonishing mountain landscape.

Large and cozy living space, well equipped kitchen, large terrace and a beautiful hammock, swinging against the beautiful mountain, create a peaceful atmosphere, freshness and silence of the spirit.

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