Fantastic Lights Evoking Christmas Joy

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This is a Christmas Display with 45,000 lights and 176 channels of computer control done by Holdman Christmas. Christmas is the most beautiful holiday of winter! Is anyone who doesn’t like Christmas? Even Scrooge likes Christmas!

With its beautiful and white snow, its endless joy of life and happiness, the joy of waiting for Santa, Christmas is the celebration that brings out a real sense of the spirit in everyone.  Excepting snow, only the Christmas lights and adornments from the supermarkets and from home help us to set the tone for the holiday season and get people in the mood for festivity and celebration.

Just take a look at this beautifully enlightened house! It looks like expensive jewels, twinkling in thousands of colors and adorning the neighborhood with burning rays of color and happiness. Christmas would just not be the same without Christmas lights! The more lights you have, the happier Christmas you spend! The lights can be used to adorn not only the fir trees, but the interior and the exterior of your house, streets, shop windows, trees from the streets. Christmas means snow, lights, joy and presents.

Amazing Grace Techno - Computer Controlled Christmas Lights from Richard Holdman on Vimeo.

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