Polka Dot Patterns Defining New Louis Vuitton Concept Store in London

With an extravagant, flashy design, this new Louis Vuitton Concept Store at Selfridges London is the result of the collaboration between the brand and Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama.

Characterized by strong flashy colors and polka dot patterns, the design of the store is very original and impresses through its filigree aspect of the exhibited materials, emphasized with the help of a visually powerful lighting scheme. The materials exhibited, bags and shoes, are all parts of the dot-inspired concept and they all are put into value through the original way of being exhibited. Thus, perforated giant lamps as giant snow drops are hanging over the display tables, matching the perforated red and white floor and walls. Looking and admiring the exhibits you have the feeling of rotating yourself into a huge red and white carousel, reminding the red and white crocheted fir tree Globes for Christmas in our grandparents houses.

In the middle of this entire dots avalanche, the materials exhibited there are put into value because they have their own dots, red, yellow, black colors, original design and presentation.

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