Transparent Atmosphere within a House Full of Harmony in LA

La Cañada Mid-Century is located at the foothills of Sierra Madre, in Los Angeles and is designed by Jamie Bush. The house is harmonically combining steel, wood, stone and glass into an attempt to create a harmonious home, elegant and cozy.

With wonderful nature surroundings, the house has a main goal to bring the exterior inside, that’s why most of the design elements are inspired or brought from the nature. A large stone terrace friendly greets you and introduce you to the inner world of the house. The décor is surprisingly cheerful and ingenious, full of color and light. Large windows assure the continuous connection between nature and interior life, while the burst of colors, such as yellow in the kitchen, or burgundy red in the living room, striped carpets in black and white, the unexpected fresh violet flowers in the kitchen, give a fresh and modern look to this elegant mansion. The décor elements are original and they contribute to create a fatuous atmosphere, a good example being those chandeliers, hanging from the ceiling over the dining table, opening like giant water lilies over a lake.

The fireplace and the furry tender carpets invite you to spend some unforgettable moments enjoying the heat of the fire and offer a perfect harmony and peace, especially on long winter nights. The house is a perfect place to feel at home.