25 Gorgeous Ceiling Design Ideas for Your Home

Designing a home should start with the walls and the ceiling. Ceiling architecture and design are important in taking into account the whole image over a living space. Even the white walls or ceiling must be carefully designed, they must be perfect optically speaking, because the quality of the finishes influence the entire space perception. Let’s take a look at the following 25 great ceiling ideas and enjoy the result of some brilliant creators, dreaming and choosing the one that will cheer up our own homes!

This blue and white room looks like a boat. You may notice the pleasant and relaxing atmosphere generated by the combination between white and blue and enhanced by the pleasant blue–grey ceiling with large white flowers, imagining the fluffy clouds on a serene summer sky.

Blue is the color of this room, too and the combination between different nuances of blue, starting with light tones, ending with stronger tones of the ceiling, offers peace, calm and a perfect harmony. It suggests the waves of a huge ocean, and the big chandelier having the shape of a fish trammel enhances the idea of holiday, freedom and peace.

The influence of the ceiling is remarkable in this image, creating an opposite effect. Matching the colors of the walls and carpet, the ceiling is divided into rectangular pieces through mahogany wooden lines, perfectly matched to the furniture. The ceiling shape is also interesting and provocative, because it is not rectangular, but it has a pitch suggesting the horizon and thus providing a vision of an endless room and space. The lamps enlighten the room’s corners, creating a cozy atmosphere.

Looking to this ceiling you may think spring came inside and light flooded every corner. The walls are white and the ceiling is originally painted in honey color, imitating wood and having a white application, like a white flower of spring grown up upside down, an enormous water-lily looking down from high and increasing the happy feeling of the room.

Take a look at this large solar bedroom and discover how impressive the atmosphere may be just because of the ceiling! It provides greatness, the chandelier is placed right in the middle, and the brown leaves painted as if they are the petals of a big exotic flowers. It looks as if the sun itself surveys the entire room.

The same aspect of greatness is given to this black room by the impressive high ceiling, painted also in black, but having a white circle surrounding the impressive chandelier. Together with the white window frame and the splendid chandelier they form a wonderful elegant background for an amazing living space.

A shade of elegance within this golden room is given by the ceiling, painted in old golden tonality, in a simple manner, without any elements of adornment, just allowing an elegant chandelier to hang over the dinner table, showing lights imitating candles and reflecting its image in the ample mirror from the wall. The entire atmosphere inside is given by this rusty ceiling which, in its simplicity, provides elegance and greatness.

Because we have just spoken about chandeliers this high wooden ceiling surveys the inner space of a house by sending down a kingly chandelier like a necklace of black pearls, creating an atmosphere full of elegance and romanticism.

If you love the sky and you want to carry over the stars inside, you can enjoy the view from this splendid and elegant living room, with a high ceiling painted in golden leaves, having a huge and great golden sun in the middle, as a chandelier. Everything is in a perfect harmony with the inner space of the room, the furniture, the lamps and the décor elements looking like a burst of fire.

In the same manner, reminding you of summer and a burst of flowers, this bedroom displays a happy summer paper wall full of flowers and a ceiling perfectly matched with the décor, in shapes of golden, green and brown, warm colors shaping a flowery landscape.

Going further, you can admire a high living space, rustic dark brown furniture and wooden floor, displaying a high ceiling in light green nuances, with a sculptured mahogany wooden frame and a huge round chandelier hanging over the dinner table. The ceiling makes the living space appear sumptuous and extremely elegant  and the large floor to ceiling windows filter the light and lay out shadows of sweet light on the walls.

Contrasting the elegant atmosphere from the previous image, this picture shows you a friendly suave blue-dark room, in pink, violet, blue and green, the colors of the spring flowers. A white simple ceiling leads over this huge bunch of flowers. It borrows the colors of the room, being enlightened by the large window and offering an aspect of serenity to the entire room.

A yellow living space, warm and vivid like a summer morning, should be matched with a yellow ceiling strewed with grey spots, symbolizing flowers on a summer field full of ripened crops.

In the same manner you can admire a ceiling built like a roof, in V, painted in white and strewed with orange flowers, delimited by dark-brown wooden bars, looking like a field of sun flowers in the sun.

For an elegant and relaxing bedroom a green ceiling with discrete spot lights like small fireflies on a green field, in mild shapes, brings a plus of elegance and intimacy to your dreams.

A burst of warm, a fire on the sky, that’s what this white interesting and ingenious ceiling symbolizes for the living space! The room is large, white and elegant, and the ceiling is surprisingly in flames, like a volcano’s lava, in a continuous movement, warming up the atmosphere .

This ceiling is impressive through the mild color, discrete spot lights and the two square wooden frames, framing an exotic crystal chandelier, like crystal bells hanging over the table .

The elegance of a white bedroom with simple furniture is increased by the high white ceiling, painted with black leaves and flowers. When you look at the ceiling you feel like you’re looking upside down and the ceiling should play the role of the carpet. It offers originality to the room and the nice chandelier increases the light coming from outside.

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