on March 11, 2020

Clifton View 7 Apartment by Antoni Associates – the Definition of Luxury and Exotic Details

Clifton View 7 Apartment is designed by Antoni Associates and it is located in Cape Town South Africa. This is a double level apartment which accommodates four bedrooms, a large living space, continued by the dinning place and the kitchen, a gym, an entertainment cocktail bar, cinema room and wine cellar.

The location is exotic and the entrance is prefigured by a terrace which offers ways to relax and enjoy the beautiful view. The living room, dining room and kitchen are open plan and have direct access to the extensive terrace. The space is large and luminous, complicated décor elements create an interesting atmosphere: there are vivid colored pillows, a chandelier in flames of sun and a big mirror reflecting the dining table and enhancing the already large space. Moving through the apartment is a journey of styles and ideas that all fuse together to make the apartment a tailored and personally nuanced space.

A spiral stair links the two levels of the apartments leading you to the bedrooms which are simple and sober, elegant and stylish. The pool bar leads onto the swimming pool and spa terrace with uninterrupted views of the seascape, the blue color of the water from the pool being an extension of the serene blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

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