on March 12, 2020

Sophisticated Triplex in Saint Petersburg – The Yin Yang of Luxury

Berlin-based architectural studio nps tchoban voss in collaboration with ST Design completed their work on a luxury triplex in the center if Saint Petersburg.

Two terraces located on the upper two levels allow the inhabitants to enjoy panoramic views of the city center and large windows flood the rooms in natural light. The three levels of the penthouse are connected by interesting stairs. There are spaces for retreat and relaxation everywhere, even on the halls, by the large windows, and the bottom floor accommodates both living and private spaces, creating a loft-like experience. One of the three levels is hosting spaces for entertaining and business facilities and on the third floor you will find an impressive space delimited by glass, with a large perspective over the city views and modern elegant furniture. The apartment seen as a whole is entirely elegant and luxurious.

Elegant furniture, leather in combination with soft textures, curved lines for sweeten the atmosphere, original pieces of furniture and décor elements, amazing panorama over the whole city, nice and luxurious kitchen, shining and bright, soft carpets, waving on the floors and inducing peace, relaxation and comfort, are the main elements characterizing this splendid triplex. There are rooms with a masculine touch and rooms with a feminine touch, but the perspective is the same.

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