on April 17, 2020

25 Gorgeous Wood Furniture Designs

Wood is an essential element and it is extremely used in constructions, interior design and of course, furniture. Being a timeless material, wood is actually the basic material for many home interior designs. Wooden furniture brings charm and a warm, cozy look to any interior design. That’s why for today we’ve prepared 25 beautiful wood furniture designs, a great inspiration if you’re thinking about redecorating your home.

Wood is the main material used for the furniture in this living space. The chocolate-brown furniture perfectly matches the walls and carpet, in a warm combination offering peace.

Wood has the quality of being painted in whatever color you like. So, this beautiful white and black living space becomes elegant and spacious through the presence of black wooden furniture, the generous light given by the whiteness of the walls and the red décor elements.

Nice warm natural wooden furniture offers to a space the warmth of a fireplace. The wooden table set on a fluffy brown carpet is set for two and invites to peace and intimacy.

This completely wooden living space, placed in a loft looks delicious! The entire space is dressed up in wood: floor, ceiling, and furniture, everything in the same brown nuance, providing warm and tenderness. You feel the embracing warm of the wood, enhanced by the mild shapes of the oval table and chairs and by the discrete light offered through the chandelier.

This picture demonstrates that, even if the wooden furniture is brown, sculpted and creating a royal atmosphere, the effect of relaxation is the same. Just look at how beautiful the pink roses from the closet are and what a perfect match is between the brown of the walls and the nuance of the wood!

This living space enjoys white scenery and the wooden library that shelters the white TV set adds freshness and warmth, increasing in the same time the room’s elegance.

A white living space, covered by a mahogany floor, displays natural wood unwrought furniture, consisting in a wooden rectangular table, wooden shelves for the TV set and other stuffs and a small wooden library. All these combined with the strange exotic plant coming up from the pot provide a light atmosphere of peace and serenity to the whole room.

Brown mahogany wood perfectly matches green and pink walls, in a strange combination of spring colors, giving life to a room.

Wood is a perfect material for bedrooms, too. Look at this beautiful and cozy bedroom with natural wooden bed and walls painted in café au lait, in a perfect symbiosis with the furniture! The light coming from the large generous windows and the green exotic plant are a plus to this warm and intimate room.

A bedroom with tangerine walls, bathed into a mild light coming from the large window and the elegant spot lights is warming up the atmosphere through the presence of a large wooden bed, wooden night tables and a splendid black fluffy carpet installed at the bed’s feet, like a prolongation of the bed itself. The intimacy of the bedroom is obvious!

When a bedroom beneficiates of wooden furniture it is transformed into a cozy intimate shelter. Painted in white, with brown frames, perfectly matching the white walls and the light coming through the generous windows, this bedroom offers a perfect atmosphere for rest and relaxation.

This white bedroom is equipped with white furniture which, in combination to the black portrait from the wall, the black carpet and blanket, creates an elegant and fashionable atmosphere.

Combining wood with stones, the bedroom from this image adds a plus of elegance and coziness through its wooden floor, white wooden bed and night table, side by side with the stones wall behind the bed which is a robust element within the mild atmosphere created by wood.

This elegance is shocking, the mahogany nuance of the wood offering a masculine atmosphere to this special chocolate bedroom. A wall is completely dressed up in wood, the furniture is from the same wood and even the bed clothes have the color of chocolate, details that provide sweetness to a mannish room.

On the contrary, this entirely wooden bedroom has the natural color of the unwrought wood and the atmosphere becomes feminine, serene and sensitive.

Sometimes it is enough to feel the caress through one single piece of furniture, such as this warm brown wooden curved chaise longue following the body’s curves to realize the intimacy and softness of wood and demonstrating the fact that wood can be processed in different shapes and forms.

It is easy to transform wood. You may build a small and original library, making curved and undulated bookshelves, originally caught on a wall; you may build wooden legs to a glass table, in order to increase the intimacy and warmth of a nice café au lait living space, as in the picture below.

You may play and configure wood in many different and original forms of furniture, such as these interesting rectangular shelves, that intermingles together in smooth shapes, creating an original library for your living space.

Another quality of wood is that it can be used in any space, being easily processed. In this way, you can admire the coziness of this beautiful wooden kitchen, white walls and elegant brown wood furniture, creating a well equipped and intimate space for a family reunion at the end of a long hard working day.

A kitchen equipped with wooden brown furniture, in combination with the white floor, white table cloth and white flowers, brings a bit of freshness inside, inviting family members to take a perfect dinner. The wood itself talks, telling us the story of the family.

When the kitchen is a small part of a fabulous home and it enjoys the presence of the sea, as seen through large floor to ceiling windows, the presence of wooden furniture is a plus. The kitchen is large and clean, enjoying the sun light and the sweet yellow nuances reflected from the wood borrows a dreaming atmosphere to the entire room.

Excepting the fact that wood warms your soul, it is a practical element, offering a fine phonic and thermal isolation.

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