The Project 910 – an Exquisite Apartment by Kiko Salomão

The Project 910 is designed by Kiko Salomão and it is an apartment located in São Paulo, Brazil. It is a unique design, a special apartment, looking very comfortable and exquisite. The starting point was the main entrance door, which looks like a stainless steel screen, reflecting colors from the apartment, allowing you to imagine a hidden world beyond its massive appearance.

Beginning with the door and throughout all the other details, the project swings between modern and intimate, elegance being at first rank, creating very precise details and an airy, peaceful atmosphere. There are many modern details and interior design architectural elements, some of them astonishing, picking up your attention, as the pictures hanging on the walls and the illumination chandeliers. In spite of their opulence, the interior space looks simple and minimalist, with modern sober furniture, complex and meeting all the requirements. Spaces for taking dinner, spaces for resting in front of the nice and cozy fireplace, spaces for reading a good book or meditating, all of them enjoying large windows and flooded by plenty of natural light, provide a peaceful, calm atmosphere.

The bedroom respects the same simple but elegant manner of design. Decorated in white and grey nuances, it presents a red picture hanging on a wall, creating a contrast with the rest of the room and adding personality.

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